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Long Hair Flapper Hairstyles To Design Your Hair In Most Stylish & Classic Manner!

There are many hairstyles that have been famous throughout the ages. These hairstyles have taken up a timeless classic role, and they are relevant through every age. However, in our history, some ages were known for their culture and fashion. And hair especially played a big part in a certain culture. The “flappers” were a big part of the jazz age like that. Their fashion, hair, and makeup were distinct and made an impression on people. Now, you might be confused about what flapper means and what jazz is all about. Do not worry because we are going to explain it all! Before going into the Long Hair Flapper Hairstyles, let us take a look at these “flappers” and what their role was in the jazz era/culture.

What does “flapper” mean?

The word flapper originated in the jazz age. A few things you should know about the Jazz Age is that it dominated the 1920s. The jazz culture was everywhere. Jazz music was played in bars, people dressed up, and it was a time of extravaganza. The “flappers” were at the center of this extravaganza, redirecting fashion and lifestyle. The term was technically used to refer to a group of women who were energetic, Independent, and fearless.

They dressed out of the bounds of societal convention, and we’re experimental with their style. They were not scared to try something new and be a bit extra and dramatic. These flappers were known for their shiny dresses and their outstanding and iconic hairstyles. Little did they know that their innovative and independent spirit would, later on, be a cultural staple and inspire millions of people.

long hair flapper hairstyles

7 Long Hair Flapper Hairstyles

Now that we know a bit about the term, let us look at the iconic long-hair flapper hairstyles for women.

1. Fringe with a twist

We know by know that the fringe is the most famous hairstyle. It has been done throughout the years. Every era has given a different twist to the fringe hairstyle. It has gone through a lot of changes. However, the best age for the fringe was the flapper era. (fogodeminas.com) If you had long hair and a fringe, you could style it easily to fit the aesthetics of the age. Now, for a fringe, you can either do a side part or a middle part. Part your hair the desired way and use some hairspray to keep it in place.

Now for the twist, you need a flapper headband. Yes, the flappers were known for their over-the-top hair accessories. It’s easily available, but you can even make it yourself. Once you have properly parted your hair, just put the headband on, and you’re good to go.

2. Spaced out finger waves

Finger waves are a classic American hairstyle that has gone through a couple of changes throughout the years too. It has been done and redone, but the 1920s saw the birth of finger waves for the first time. Different types of finger waves rose, and it was the most desirable hairstyle of that time.

This type of finger wave, the spaced-out ones, is very easy to do. All you need is a curler and a comb. You need to curl your hair with a generous amount of space between each curl and press down more on the indentation between each curl. It is going to make the curls more defined. You are only going to curl the top part, and you will leave the bottom part messy to add to the look. You can opt for hair accessories if you want to.

3. Messed-up finger waves

Imagine classic finger waves, but a bit more casual and wearable. These messed-up finger waves have been here since the 20s, and they are here to stay. These finger waves are messy and much more casual and fun than the prim and proper finger waves. For this hairstyle, you need to start with doing the regular finger waves.

Start with doing the same method for finger waves, as we explained earlier. Do not use too much heat, and press lightly. Now, once you are done, start teasing it with a comb. Start with the ends first and then work your way up. Set it with some hairspray so that it does not get messed up, and you’re good to go.

long hair flapper hairstyles

4. Teased curls with accessories

For this hairstyle, you do not need to do much. It is effortless yet glamorous, just like the flappers. For this, start with a curler and a comb. If you do not want to use heat on your hair and risk heat damage, you can opt for heatless curling methods. It will work the same. Now, after you have curled your hair, start teasing it and messing it up with a comb.

Remember, you want to lose curls, not tight ones. After you have softened up your curls a bit, you can style them with any accessory of that age. Add a feather headband, a beret, or anything you want. That piece is going to be your statement piece for the hairstyle, so choose it wisely.

5. Glamorous waves

These waves are the ones that have dominated America and its culture. Glamorous waves are the most replicated and reinvented hairstyles of the age. But it is a hairstyle that is classic. From Hollywood to whatnot, people are in love with this effortless hairstyle which represents comfortable luxury. And you can do it too. All you need is a curler, comb, and hairspray. Keep in mind that the glamorous waves are really pressed and glossy. Your hair should be matted and curled to perfection. For that, you need to do tight curls close to your head.

6. Beehive style hair

This style is very different from all the flapper hairstyles. The flappers were known for their free and independent spirit, and their hair reflected that. It will all be about a more freeing classiness reigning in their curls. However, this hairstyle is a bit more reserved but also extravagant.

It involves taking a section of your hair from the front and puffing it out so that the front part of your hair looks a bit bigger than the back. This hairstyle adds more dimension to the hair. And if you have long hair, you can get a rest from the best waves by putting your hair up like this.

7. Faux Bob

A faux bob is the trendiest hairstyle of the era. During the jazz age, short hair was in, and people were cutting their hair off to fit in. But what about the women who didn’t want to curl their long luscious locks? They could easily fake a bob! It involves taking the length of your hair and pinning it to the nape of your neck so that it looks short. It’s a foolproof hack, and you still have your hair by the end!

long hair flapper hairstyles

Conclusive Insights

So, we have come to the end of this blog -Long Hair Flapper Hairstyles. I hope this trip down the lane of history was informative but fun as well. Now, you know something more about the culture and their style. You can even recreate these hairstyles to put a fun nostalgic twist on your modern-day hairstyles. So, do not worry, and let your creativity fly free!


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