Fun pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for you
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Fun pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for you

Nowadays, it looks like the pre-wedding shoot has become more important than clicking pictures at the wedding. This is because every wedding around the world needs to have a pre-wedding ceremony which is basically a photoshoot.


Well, going gaga over pre-wedding photoshoot is valid and legit too since it is one of the beautiful memories you will have once you are married. Although pre-wedding photoshoots sound fun but planning one isn’t. It entirely depends on you whether you want to share your photoshoot online or not. But, some people do prefer going the extra mile.


Why are pre-wedding photoshoots so important?


Gone are the days when you just stared at the pictures of your wedding either in a bright red lehenga or a subtle white dress. Earlier, this was what gave happiness to many, but these days, couples lookout for more. People who have love marriage don’t even care about how they pose, and the photographer doesn’t have to direct them – love comes naturally and it shows!


The most important reason why people choose pre-wedding shoot is to capture the time before their marriage. Most married people say that the time right before the wedding is the best and stirs in lots of excitement and anticipation. This is that time when you wish time could stop but all you can do is capture them in lovely photos and videos.


Pre-wedding shoot ideas


Now you don’t need to look into your partner’s eyes or hold their hands to get the perfect shot. There are so many ideas that you can try, so don’t be limited to cliché poses. To bring out the perfect shot, you need to involve love and let your relationship reflect. It’s time you get over those old-fashioned ideas and try something quirky and loveable.


  1. Go film-like


If you’re a movie buff, or you share the same favorites with your partner, you can get film-like.  Since you are the new age couple, you can derive ideas from so many movies around you. The Titanic pose is one of the most common ones to try. However, you can go all out and dress yourselves up as Marvel characters or choose characters that seem ironic to you.


You can always choose one classic pose from a romantic movie, and goof around with the rest. If you want the perfect video shot, a shot from Sixteen Candles can always be of great help. Choose a dream position, get the shot of your dreams and cherish it for your lifetime.


  1. Bring out the foodie


If both love food, then this is the perfect idea for you. You don’t need to run behind a scenic location or find the perfect lakes or mountains. All you need to do is choose your favorite restaurant – better if you have memories there already!


You can choose a restaurant where you first met or where you man proposed to you. You can never go wrong with such ideas as they look genuine and reflect your story. It doesn’t impose something that you two are not, and that helps you exhibit the real you through the images.


  1. Get your furry friends too


If you have pets that are going to move in with you after marriage, you must also add them. Pets are family and they are like babies that you already adopt before marriage. Thus, if you have a pet that you both love, you should prefer getting them along for your pre-wedding photoshoot. The inclusion of pets in the photoshoots makes all the images come out cute. Also, it makes the frame extremely adorable and gives you more memories to cherish.


  1. Have a starry photoshoot


No, you don’t need to get the stars for this photoshoot idea. But, the small flickering or fairytale lights can be of great help. Just like you two have brought happiness to each other’s life, let the same be reflected through the pictures.


You can get those small fairytale lights and hang them all across the house to get the perfect shot. You can just spend some time with your partner as the photographer keeps filming you. It helps you get candid shots that most people prefer nowadays. Moreover, it helps you stay ahead of others as your picture reflects the charm, magic, and love between you two.


  1. Get your friends along


Nothing is better than getting your friends along for the pre-wedding photoshoot. Your group of friends is sure to crack a lot of jokes which will eventually bring out one of the best candid shots. The joking and laughing bring in a light mood and gives you more memories.


  1. Bring out the comfort


A pre-wedding photoshoot does not always need to be that glamorous affair. You can go low-key and still have the best pictures as love shows!


Most couples wear fanciest clothes, drives around luxury locations to get the best picture. But you can choose to stay back at home in the comfort of your pictures and get the pre-wedding photoshoot done.


You don’t necessarily need to stick to the trend to follow the idea. You can always think out of the box and get pictures as you’ve never gotten before.


  1. Add the little things


Every relationship comes close due to the little things you share with each other. Over time, you get to share and know your partner really well. This helps you explore the little things about your relationship and how they become big for you.


In your photoshoot, you can show how things have been so far for the two of you. Since marriage does change a lot of things, isn’t it great to capture what you have now? You might be in a live-in relationship and have images to reflect how your day goes. You might also make probable before and after pictures, assuming how things were and how things will be. Just let yourself indulge in bringing out the essence of your relationship, and the pictures will be just right!


Final thoughts


These were some of the ways you can plan your photoshoot. Add in your own ideas and twist, to make it perfect for your pre-wedding ceremony!

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