how to heal from a toxic relationship
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How to Heal From a Toxic Relationship?

Still not aware of the things you might need to know or maybe implement in your life to get out of this? If you have visited this page, then you must be known what I am talking about. Yes, you got that right. It’s a toxic relationship that we are talking about. (Provigil) As you’ll proceed through this article, you will come across effective ways how to heal from a toxic relationship. This article has dealt with both the emotional and practical points of view of this modern-day problem.

By calling it a modern-day problem, I don’t intend to say that toxic relationships didn’t exist in the past, but it wasn’t discussed in such vast channels as it is nowadays. With the increase in the ways of expressing oneself and people becoming more and more aware of their emotions, we as a generation have become a bit over-sensitive. This gives the people an allowance to slip apart from the responsibilities bestowed on them, often cited as “toxicity”.

In these recent times, we often come to hear about toxic relationships. Couples part away under the feeling of toxicity in their relations. But nevertheless, no wound is ever so deep that it can’t be recovered from.

how to heal from a toxic relationship

How to Heal From a Toxic Relationship?-Emotional Point of View

1. Emphasizing on your emotions above everything else

Toxic relationships are always looked through as a space (“rather a personal space”) where insecurities, dominative behavior, and self-centeredness exist. It is painful, and mixed feelings exist. Letting it go away isn’t always easy. Trying to instigate the emotions that one feels will only increase the days of the pain.

Instead of providing the correct space for oneself and processing in-depth, the feelings that may be mixed must be prioritized. One who had to leave has already left, and killing our peace over someone who doesn’t value emotions is just a vague path to follow. ‘YOU’ must take care of your emotions.

2. Maintaining proper distance from your “ex-partner”

You must keep in mind the things you have been through while being in a toxic relationship, particularly a long one. It’s natural to feel an urge to get back to your partner. But a genuine remedy would be to not contact that person and go into an isolation-healing phase. It’s better than falling back into the toxic spiral. Maintain no connection at all and never follow the “being friends” trend. However, if a mutual connection exists, there are other ways as well ahead on “how to heal from a toxic relationship”.

3. Learn from your mistakes, and don’t blame yourself

It is always a benefit to learn from your own mistakes. After a toxic relationship, one will get to know all the things that they can’t simply accept as they move on. This will be helpful in one’s upcoming relationship, be it romantic or platonic. One will be able to set the boundaries this time clearly. It will also help as a sort of pre-warning for the new relationship if one starts facing similar troubles as those in the previous toxic one.

You couldn’t have known in advance that a toxic relationship was coming your way, so there is should be no space for blaming oneself. This is a very vital thing as the human capacity for guilt is such that it can always find ways to blame itself.

4. Being around a positive group of people

It is important to be around a positive group of people for our mental support to be well-maintained. By referring to a positive group, it can mean family, healing groups, or, most importantly, friends. Having people around who share a positive vibe with us and are trustworthy is a great remedy, especially when your mind is pulling you to contact your ex.  You have been alone enough when you were going through the break-up phase. So, it is always beneficial to have a healthy group around you.

5. Acceptance of what you’ve faced

Acceptance is a tough thing, especially in this emotionally vulnerable or over-sensitive generation. However, it is always brave to look eye-to-eye with your hardships after a toxic relationship. You don’t have to prove yourself to be a lone wolf. If you can do it yourself, very well otherwise, it will bear no good. It is safe to open up to a positive group of people that we just talked about in the aforementioned point.

And I as someone who belongs to this generation, don’t think that opening to oneself needs to be explained. Self-healing is a good thing but the gates of which go only and only through the path of acceptance.

6. Focusing on the present and moving forward

When in the process of thinking of how to heal from a toxic relationship, living in the present becomes a necessity. You can either feel a compassionate pull to jump back into the past. Or you might try to plan out how you want to see yourself in the future.

However, when you are unaware of how to heal from a toxic relationship, it becomes largely unpredictable in which direction your minds might go. Instead of creating an even worse ruckus for yourself, deal with your current emotional needs as well as the physical ones, which are addressed in the upcoming parts.

So, keeping the mind steady, living and dealing with the present problems, and moving forward through time as one heals from the toxicity he/she faced is what one should do.

how to heal from a toxic relationship

How To Heal From A Toxic Relationship? To-do Things!

Previously we dealt with how to heal from a toxic relationship in a way that heals us emotionally. But at the end of the day, one shouldn’t forget that life is not just about emotions, but it exists in a physical form. So here are a few things that one can add to a to-do list that can be implied in one’s bucket list when in the healing phase.

1. Following one’s passion

It is often seen that after getting out of a toxic relationship, the mind goes into a spiral of mixed feelings, most likely to leave us shattered. One gets so indulged in this spiral that redemption from this phase becomes very difficult. It is in times like these that following one’s passion becomes important.

The mind will not only be distracted from all the negative thoughts that one faces. But will also be intimidated into doing something and spending time on something that really excites that individual and will give some worthy output. And not just grief over someone who is no longer in our life.

Following passion will also help us find a purpose in life and clarify what’s good for us. This will help us in the long run not just professionally but also in deciding what’s good for us if ever we come into some hard times like the one we are dealing with in this article.

2. Going out on vacation

You see, when dealing with such emotionally damaging issues, one can’t risk remaining stagnant in one place. Well, to answer as to why it is not good, we can think of this in this way. Someone in the first place is going through a lot of agonies both in mind and body. Our mind slowly starts getting habituated to such surroundings, and the body follows. And it doesn’t matter which way you implement to get out of this, our mind will keep on being stuck.

It really gets important that one tries to change their daily schedule, which they eventually are bound to as we talked of. Going out on vacations with either friends, family, or even alone is one such change that can be thought of. A new place will really impact one’s current mindset at that point in time. Meeting new people will instill in us a kind of boost-like feeling which we will find to be helpful. Being in a new place, or out on vacation will also give us time to think about the pros and cons of one’s current life and the remedies to get out of those cons.

3. Opting for a therapy session

Many support groups are upcoming nowadays to make human life better, especially in terms of mental health. They play a good role in teaching people “how to heal from a toxic relationship” and make life better as we move ahead with each passing second. The one’s behind the therapy sessions are often trustworthy professionals with years of experience in dealing with human psychology, more likely the tainted ones.

Many people have turned up at these sessions throughout the world. There is nothing to be ashamed of in openly admitting our trauma in front of a group of people who have all gathered with the same purpose in mind.  The purpose finding mental peace and get a better lookout towards life.

4. Spending more time with family and friends

We have already discussed being around a positive group of people in the emotional healing part. But this remedy is something that has proven to be the most effective. So, it needs to be dealt in here with proper care. We felt for someone in a deep and compassionate way, but it has already turned out to be vague, and the toxicity isn’t leaving our minds. There feels a deep void somewhere in our subconscious, and that void can only be filled with love and care. And who cares about us and loves us more than our family and friends. I can’t think of anyone else. Can you?

5. Finding a new hobby

We have talked about how following one’s passion can help us in a positive way. But unlike passion, hobbies have an uncountable list of choices to choose from. This is especially for those who are looking to heal from a toxic relationship without involving anyone but themselves.

Hobbies are a great escape with a twist of many interest-building activities. One can read, write, play games (which is vastly in culture in the current times), watch movies(definitely not the heartbreak ones) and listen to songs, go visit places, and many more options. These were just a few common examples. The thing one will take up as a hobby (not a passion, I repeat) is solely dependent on that individual, his/her likes, and what really excites the mind of the one.

6. Opting for meditation/go to gym/yoga

Although this can be treated as a sort of hobby, these mentioned remedies exactly don’t work like that. Here’s why this fall under a different category of remedies. When we deal with how to heal from a toxic relationship, no matter what we implement to get the agony and sufferings out of our system, the first and foremost thing that matters is calmness of mind. Calmness and unidirectional (getting rid of the effect of our previous relationship) thinking matter a lot. In such times either yoga, gym or meditation creates a stillness in our mind and creates a good body-mind relationship.

how to heal from a toxic relationship

Conclusive Insights

Coming to the end of this article, we intend to wrap things up with the belief that one finds this helpful when dealing with “how to heal from a toxic relationship”. There are some points that should be kept in mind as one leaves the page. The first and most logical thing one should say to oneself is that someone who had to leave has already left. And there is no point grieving over them who didn’t care to stay, especially after leaving the one shattered.

Time waits for none. And that is one thing that people tend to forget in the course of time itself, which seems ironic. But life must go on, and so do we. We have a purpose in life to fulfill, which needs to be identified and followed. Don’t forget it is not the one who has left after filling sorrow in our lives which is to be blamed but the one reading this article themselves. Cause they aren’t letting it go.

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