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The Secrets of Healthy Hair and Skin

Beautiful Skin and Hair are as Easy as Going Natural:

A secret celebrities have known for years is the secret to beauty is all natural. No, this doesn’t mean your favorite stars go outside without any makeup or products on. Far from it. However, they do something most of us don’t. They choose products that are all natural. I usually ignored this beauty secret because it was just too expensive. These specialty “natural” products weren’t exactly budget friendly. Now, the secrets out and beauty manufacturers are finally making natural, and organic beauty affordable.

More Nature, Less Chemical:

You don’t have to forgo chemicals completely. However, look for hair products, lotions and facial products that contain natural ingredients such as oils, fruits, vegetables and vitamins. Think about the whole Moroccan Argan oil trend in numerous hair products. Some are all natural and some are a blend of natural and not so natural. Look for products that state they are Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, and Oraganic. These are easy to spot.

While you may not relish the idea of checking the labels, it’s worth it. Your skin and hair will look better equaling less products to use later.

The Jump To Organic:

Honestly, the idea of going organic kind of scared me. While some products worked just fine, others didn’t quite measure up. Do your homework before trying a completely organic product. For instance, I tried an organic deodorant a few years ago. After only a few hours of sweating, I had to make a run to the bathroom to clean up and apply something more powerful. Not pretty. So, trial is key!

What To Look For:

Obviously, you don’t have time to look at every single label. I know I don’t. Instead, I look for keywords, such as “clean,” “pure,” “natural,” “antioxidant” and any fruit/vegetable names. Easy, right? Names of oils and vitamins are also great clues. Harmful sulfates are never acceptable.  Some of my favorite brands that are fast becoming staples in my beauty routine are Celtic Complexion, DHC,  and YBF Skincare. These two brands have amazing ingredients that boost your skins hydration and are packed with good for you ingredients!

Natural For Cheap:

Yes, celebs use cheap products too. Simple has an incredible line of natural moisturizers and cleansers. You can usually find Simple between $4 and $10 depending on the product. Celebs often use the same products you find in drug stores and department stores. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Another great example is Garniers Pure Clean hair line. Once again, for around $4 to $6, your hair enjoys the benefits of all natural products. These products are easily available at your local Target.


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