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There are many types of RDA, such as an upper air inlet, a middle air inlet or a bottom air inlet. Today, I will systematically describe the structure, advantages and disadvantages of the upper air intake RDA, as well as we will take an in-depth study of Yachtvape Meshlock RDA –


RDA for the upper or top air inlets is generally classified as mouthfeel RDA. This is set by its own structure. The airflow enters the atomization chamber from the top of the upper part. Because the air intake hole limit of the atomization tracks the structure of the base, the airflow can be effectively and accurately blown on the heating wire. When the e-liquid is atomized by the heating wire, it will enter the mouth through the drip nozzle. And the entire airflow system is circulated rather than closed. This is like burning a fire in a stove. The addition of firewood does not make the fire more prosperous. The firewood is too much blocked by the airflow passage so that the flame can not be extinguished by oxygen. Conversely, with the proper addition of firewood and the circulation of the airflow passage, the fire will burn more vigorously.

The circulating airflow function of the RDA of the upper intake air can make the smoke atomized by the heating wire possess a clear and distinct taste, less graininess, rich layers, and high degree of e-liquid reduction. However, in order to have the above advantages, it is necessary to ensure that the amount of the soot oil cannot be less than 50% of the wet state for a long period of time, and less than this state is prone to the case of the paste core. Condensate also collects the bottom of the tank, affecting the taste of the smoke. This is one of its drawbacks. What’s more, the upper intake RDA generally needs to use A1 resistance wire or temperature-controlled resistance wire to achieve the characteristics of rapid heat atomization, otherwise the layering of smoke and the reduction degree of e-liquid will be greatly reduced. This is another shortcoming of it.


Is there any RDA that can guarantee the advantages and eliminate its disadvantages? Of course, that is, Yachtvape Meshlock RDA –

Yachtvape Meshlock RDA –’s unique structural design isolates the atomizing station from the base, allowing the heating wire to pass to the atomizing hood and the base at a reduced temperature. At high power, the entire tank temperature is no longer high. The control is great, and the atomizer temperature is reduced by 30% in the same power range, which is more conducive to temperature control. This also provides conditions for the use of large-diameter composite heating wires, even in the case of fancy filaments, which has no such thing as a core-burning core. In addition, the size of the air intake hole will also affect the size and taste of the smoke. The four atmospheric holes in the upper part of Yachtvape Meshlock RDA – effectively prevent the excessive suction resistance of the pores and the tendency to paste the core.

Yachtvape Meshlock RDA – is more advanced than the same type of atomizer in terms of appearance and function; in terms of smoke volume, layering and reduction, there are several avenues for general RDA. I have been using the Yachtvape Meshlock RDA –, with both the upper air intake to prevent condensate backflow, and the upper or bottom air intake for heavy smoke and thick smoke. The experience is excellent.

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