Why Are Diamond Rings Popular For Engagements?

Diamonds have been used as a symbol of love, commitment, and marriage for many decades. This idea started with Archduke Maximilian of Austria, who proposed with a diamond ring to his lover, Mary, in 1477. The ring was in the shape of an “M,” beginning the tradition of diamond rings for engagements. The below guide comprehensively covers diamond rings and why they are most people’s go-to when it comes to marriage and engagements.

In 1947, De Beers, a diamond company, began an advertising slogan, “a diamond is forever,” which is how they grew in popularity. It changed how the world viewed diamonds and made them perfect gems to symbolize love and commitment. Through this campaign, diamond sales in the United States grew from $23 million to $2.1 billion.

The Most Popular Diamond Ring Shapes For Engagement.

Below are some of the most popular diamond ring shapes in the world.

Round Cut

Round-cut diamonds are the most popular diamond ring shapes for many brides. They are great for people who love the classics. They also have geometric settings for people who prefer a retro look. The round shape maximizes the diamond’s fire when reflected by light, hence why they are pretty popular. 

It is the most expensive diamond cut due to its high quality and distinctive appearance

Cushion Cut

This cut is compared to a pillow due to its square cut with rounded corners. It has 58 significant facets that add to its brilliance. Previously referred to as mine cut, it has been around since the 18th century. They have become popular as more people are leaning into a vintage look.

They are perfect for simple people who prefer contemporary styles with less sparkle.

Princess Cut

Most brides grew up watching Disney princesses, so they prefer the princess cut. It is a popular engagement ring style due to its princess-like feeling. It has a face-up shape with rectangular or square sides, based on your preference.

However, it is recommended to get a protective setting as they tend to chip at the corners of fall out. It is recommended to do this for them to last long.

Emerald Cut

If you love the Art Deco aesthetic, this diamond ring style is for you. It has a rectangular step cut, cropped corners, and an open table that you will love.

It also has a “hall-of-mirrors” effect, giving it an understated sparkle. Its angular lines and lo9ng silhouette give it more clarity while also catching the light.

It is not a flashy ring style, hence not ideal for people who prefer something sparkly.

Oval Cut

The oval cut is a longer version of the round-cut diamond style. It has as many facets as its other counterpart, hence pretty sparkly.

Its oblong shape will lengthen your finger and adds to its elegance. However, if not cut correctly, it gets a bowtie effect and shows its flaws. To avoid this, always go for a salt-and-pepper oval-cut diamond ring style.

Teardrop Cut

Also known as the pear-shaped cut, this ring dates back to the 1400s. It is the perfect ring for brides who want a vintage appeal.

This ring style tends to appear more massive than it is since it shows from the top view. Therefore, if you are obsessed with size, this is perfect. It works best in half-V or bezel settings as it is prone to chipping.


This marquise cut is the right option if you are looking for a regal feel. Its curved sides and pointed ends give it a distinctive football shape. It has a fabulous sparkle and gives the illusion of a bigger size as it lengthens the finger when set vertically.

However, it is prone to chipping due to its pointed edges, especially if not set correctly. It can also have a bowtie appearance if not cut well, which can be pretty undesirable. Therefore, ensure that it is cut properly.


Diamond rings are a girl’s best friend. With the above guide, it is notable that they ooze class, distinctiveness, and high quality. They have a long history and are the most popular choice by brides worldwide. Ensure you buy your diamond ring from a trusted national jeweler to avoid being duped and buying fake jewelry. Do your due diligence since you will spend lots of money on your dream ring.

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