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6 Female Exercises to Strengthen Your Upper Body

Working out is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. The benefits of exercise are pretty much endless, but the main benefit is to look and feel better. There are a few things you need to know before you start exercising. One of those things are some basic upper body exercises.

However, lower body exercise shouldn’t be neglected, but for now, we’re gonna stick to upper body exercises.

Now I’m gonna share with you 6 of the best upper body exercises to build an incredible upper body.

The plank

The plank is an incredible exercise that will improve your core strength, but not only that. It will also work on your arms, shoulders and your chest. That’s why this exercise is great. It allows you to work for multiple muscle groups while using your own weight. Personally, its one of my favorite exercises mainly because it can be done anywhere and you can have a killer workout in a short amount of time.

The push up

The push up is another amazing exercise that provides similar benefits to the plank. However, the push up will put a lot more pressure on your arms because of the movement. The push-up and the plank are the perfect combos for a perfect upper body workout.

One of the major benefits of a push up is that it can be modified. Meaning that there are a different type of pushups that work on different muscles. For example, a wider distance between the arms during a push up means more pressure on the chest or a push up where the elbows are tucked more into the body. Which means that there is more pressure applied to the triceps.

The pull up

The pull up is probably the best exercise if you want to work on your back. However, there are two downsides to this exercise. The first one is that you need a bar in order to perform the exercises. The second one is that at the start you may not have enough strength to do even one pull up.

If you don’t have problems with these two things. I highly recommend this exercise for the bigger wide back, while still having the benefits from the first two exercises and to be honest this is the exercise that will require the most amount of strength power in order to perform. For better pull-ups you can use doorway pull up bar and if you have garage or you want to set bar on your wall then you can choose mountable pull up bar. Tips: for easy pull ups you can use resistance bands.


Crunches are a great way to get started with your abs training. They are great for developing true core strength and muscle. They specifically work on the upper part of your abdominal muscles. They are the first exercise you think of when you hear the work “abs” and there is a reason for that its one the most fundamental exercises you can find. They work perfectly with the next exercise we are gone take a look at right now.

Leg raises

The leg raises are the brother of the crunches. The combine so well together in a workout to the point where you cannot do only one of the exercises.

The difference between these two bad boys is in the movements and the muscles that they work on. The leg raises work on the lower part of your abdominal muscles. Making them the perfect combination in the history of combinations alongside the crunches. Another great thing about the leg raises is that you can make them harder if you are more advanced by using a weight something else to make the exercise more challenging.


The burpee is the best fat burning exercise you are over going to do. It involves movements that are gone get tired in just a minute. That’s what makes it so effective in terms of burning fat. However, it’s not just burning fat. It also requires the use of many muscle groups in your body. Which ultimately allow you to build functional strength.

Final thoughts

These are the best upper body exercises you can do to get started with your workout plan. You can even check Mount Waverley gym near me online to start a gym membership in order to maintain your health. If you are going to get married then you should hire a professional photographer to capture your lovable memories. They are great when combined together and they are equally good separately. They are simply the perfect starter kit for a beginner or even for someone who is advanced when it comes to exercise.