Muay Thai Training Holiday

Experience the Beauties of a Muay Thai Camp and Weight Loss in Thailand for Hoilday

Are you thinking about traveling to Thailand Training on your next holiday or weekend for a native Muay Thai experience?  

You are one in millions of Muay Thai lovers who want to explore fitness tourism and spend some time experiencing Muay Thai in its city of origin. 

In between training in Muay Thai gyms, watching Muay Thai fights in boot camps, exploring beautiful beaches, and sightseeing, Thailand is the perfect getaway location for your next holiday.  

This article will give you an insight into your health and fitness-inspired holiday in Thailand. 

Elements of a Muay Thai Training Holiday 

1. Dedicated Muay Thai Trainers  

All Muay Thai gyms have training facilities and experienced trainers available to offer classes. However, some gyms have higher standards and more dedicated trainers than others. Look out for the best camps and trainers who pay attention to all trainees and develop their skills. 

2. Tourism and Extracurricular Activities

Who says all you have to do in Thailand is fitness training? The country boasts of sights that can make your holiday a fun-filled one. Some gyms organize fun activities after training. You can also see sights, attend stadium fights, dinners, and parties.  

3. Comfortable Accommodation

Thailand offers a range of comfortable and affordable accommodations from hotels to Muay Thai gyms. Accommodation quality varies from gym to gym, just as the fees vary, but every lodge is quite comfortable, depending on what you seek.  

Get the Best Experience at a Muay Thai Camp 

There are lots of Muay Thai camps across Thailand, depending on your preference, financial capability, and what level of Muay Thai you plan to learn.   

Here’s a list of some Muay Thai training camps to consider. 

  • Suwit Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts gym is located beside the beach in Phuket, Thailand, and offers a wide range of classes including yoga fitness and weight loss, yoga, strength & conditioning, beach boot, etc. 
  • Diamond Muay Thai gym in Koh Phangan is located on a small island in Thailand and offers a nice mix of training and relaxation after. This gym hosts lots of weekly parties and a monthly party. 
  • Khongsittha Muay Thai, located in Bangkok, is an excellent place for tourists of any skill level to train in a relaxed environment. This camp has comfortable accommodation and high training standards. 
  • Battle Conquer Gym in Petchabun is located a few hours from Bangkok on the north and offers a jungle experience, a wide range of Muay Thai training, wellness retreats, and Detox Camps. 
  • The Sityodtong Gym, located in Pattaya city, offers the strictest and most disciplined old-fashioned training for intermediates or experts. It is the most successful training camp in the history of the sport. 

If you don’t want to live in a camp for any reason, you can opt for a hotel. Most hotels in Thailand offer Muay Thai training and private classes from expert trainers. 

How much will a Muay Thai Holiday in Thailand Cost? 

Several costs are associated with traveling to Thailand for Muay Thai training, including your airfare, training, and accommodation. A good Muay Thai camp for weight loss is and it is good for holiday.  

Train & Stay packages could range between $500 and $1000 per month, depending on your choice of accommodation and training program. Food is mostly inclusive in lodging fees, but you can budget for every meal if it isn’t. (   

Flights from the US could range from $800-$1200 for a round trip. 

Overall, you need between $2,000 and $3,500 for a month-long Muay Thai holiday in Thailand.  

Make plans to enjoy an exciting Muay Thai holiday in Thailand soon! 

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