8 Reasons To Travel To Sevierville In Tennessee

If you have decided to spend your vacations in the Smoky Mountains, you can’t miss out on Sevierville. Yes, Pigeon Forge is quite famous in the area, but Sevierville has a charm of its own. Located just north of Pigeon Forge, this beautiful town has a variety of attractions, enough to convince you to pack your bags and plan a vacation. 

With a total area of less than 65 square km, this town might be small, but it has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty and recreational activities. You can visit it with your friends and family or even organize a solo trip. 

Here are the top reasons why you should be visiting Sevierville in Tennessee for your next vacation.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Sevierville is located just a few miles from the entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is one of the most popular national parks in the United States. It features over 800 miles of hiking trails to explore! 

Besides this, the national park is home to more than 90 historical structures that have been preserved over time. You can also find abandoned churches, barns, houses, schools, and grist mills all across the park that date back hundreds of years. These structures provide a glimpse into the park’s history and the people who lived there before it was established.

And that’s not it. The Great Smoky Mountains National Parks also offer brilliant wildlife viewing opportunities. 

SkyLand Ranch

SkyLand Ranch is a first-of-its-kind attraction in Sevierville Tennessee, that offers the perfect Smoky Mountain experience in one place. Located on a 100-acre farm in the heart of Sevierville, SkyLand Ranch offers something for everyone, from families to thrill-seekers.

You can take a scenic ride on the Horizon Skyride to the top of SkyLand Ranch, where you’ll enjoy stunning views of Sevierville and the Smoky Mountains. There are also a number of food trucks on-site at SkyLand Ranch, serving up a variety of cuisines.

Public Artwork 

The historic downtown Sevierville is home to some beautiful and eye-catching public artwork. One of the best-known artworks in this town is the beautiful bronze statue of Dolly Parton. Known for her personality, movies, music, and philanthropic activities, Dolly Parton comes from the hometown of Sevierville, and her little town cannot be prouder. The statue was first crafted in 1987 by Jim Gray. 

Located on the Tennessee Music Pathways Trail, the sculpture captures the love of Dolly Parton for her hometown. The sculpture is a six-and-a-half-foot tool, sitting barefoot on the mountain boulder with a guitar in her hand. 

Just across the street from the Dolly Parton statue, you will find a quirky statue of Bertie by Mary Ruden. The statue is a cute depiction of a loyal dog with a money pouch in its mouth. 

The “Wings of Wander” mural is another popular artwork in Sevierville. Created by Pinkie Mistry, the monarch butterfly wings are a famous backdrop you will find in many Instagram pictures of the locals. 

The Tennessee Museum of Aviation 

The grandeur Tennessee Museum of Aviation is home to over thirty historic aircraft known for their uniqueness and rarity. Besides these aircraft, you’ll also come across flight simulators and interactive exhibits within the museum. 

In fact, there is also a kid’s zone located inside the museum, which makes it a perfect spot for families. How cool is this? You can decide to spend a lazy afternoon at the museum and learn about the history of aviation. 

The Sevierville Festivals  

Another exciting part of Sevierville is the variety of festivals it hosts annually. For instance, the Wears Valley Fall Fest is a town favorite. It is a great way to enjoy Southern food, with plenty of interactive activities for children and adults alike. Similarly, the Bloomin’ Barbeque & Bluegrass Festival is also quite famous for its bluegrass music and delicious barbeque. 

So, if festivals are something you love, you can visit the town when your favorite celebrations are happening. 

Culinary Specialties 

Sevierville is also known for its culinary scene. It’s safe to say that the little town is a haven for all food lovers. Whether you are looking for southern comfort food or want to try gourmet dishes, Sevierville has everything you need. 

From the all-American platters and Mexican food to authentic pizzas and tons of beverages, people in Sevierville know how to win hearts through food. If you are particularly looking for something to fulfill your sweet cravings, you’ll also find homemade chocolates, fudge, taffy, and ice cream in every corner of the town. In other words, food is never a worry when it comes to a vacation in Sevierville. 

The Shopping Experience 

Do you know Sevierville is known as the Shopping Capital of the Great Smoky Mountains? After all, you can find various luxury items in Sevierville at discounted prices. Places like Tanger Outlets Sevierville have over 100 high-end outlet stores! 

There are also antique stores, boutiques, and galleries in Sevierville, so if you want to take a souvenir back home from your trip or gifts for your loved ones, you’ll never be out of options. 

Cabins for Stay 

The town knows its appeal to tourism; hence, Sevierville has cozy cabins for the people to stay over. These cabins offer comfort at affordable rates. Especially if you are staying with family, these places won’t cost an arm and a leg.

These cabins are also strategically located near the hot spots in the town. This way you wouldn’t have to travel very far to your desired destinations. 


From adventurous rides and historic museums to scenic places and delicious food, Sevierville is an outstanding vacation destination for people looking for an adventure alone or a getaway with their families. The town is unlike anything else you will find in Tennessee, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on what it offers. 

So, if you were looking for a cue to take a vacation, this is it. It’s time to start planning your trip to Sevierville!

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