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Should You Consider Coloured Diamonds for Bespoke Engagement Rings?

One of the growing trends for new couples are coloured diamonds, partly thanks to A-listers flaunting their own colourful, sparkling beauties during award shows or in fashion magazines. So the question now is: Are coloured diamonds in bespoke engagement rings the ideal choice for you? Understanding Diamonds Diamonds are highly valued for their lack of colour. In fact, “colourless” ones …

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Everything You Need to Know about Yellow DiamondsRing

Everything You Need to Know about Yellow Diamonds

Diamond jewellery enthusiasts are just getting used to this precious gemstone’s coloured counterparts. This is largely due to more and more celebrities showing off their glamorous, coloured gemstones on the walkways and galas. Now everyone seems to have gone crazy for them, particularly for the yellow diamond. What you need to know before you go on a hunt for a …

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