Everything You Need to Know about Yellow Diamonds

Everything You Need to Know about Yellow Diamonds

Diamond jewellery enthusiasts are just getting used to this precious gemstone’s coloured counterparts. This is largely due to more and more celebrities showing off their glamorous, coloured gemstones on the walkways and galas. Now everyone seems to have gone crazy for them, particularly for the yellow diamond.

What you need to know before you go on a hunt for a piece of jewellery with a coloured diamond is that not all coloured diamonds are made the same. Fancy coloured diamonds, the ones commonly used in jewellery are natural, meaning they were mined with their unique tint. According to the Gemological Institute of America or GIA, only 1 in 10,000 mined carats has a natural colouring.

This piece of information is useful because there are also coloured diamonds that get their colour from gemstone treatments that enhance their otherwise pale colours or change their colour completely. Naturally, they are valued less than naturally coloured diamonds. In order not to get scammed and end up with an artificially enhanced coloured diamond, it is important to buy your jewellery at a certified jewellery store like Leo Hamel Fine Jewelry & Engagement Ring Store.

What are Yellow Diamonds?

As we mentioned earlier, Yellow Diamonds are naturally coloured diamonds. In fact, Canary Diamonds, as they are also known, are the most common form of these naturally coloured gemstones. What makes these diamonds particularly interesting to jewellery aficionados is their beautiful tint and their affordable price in the domain of coloured diamonds.

Like any other diamond, a yellow diamond is comprised of carbon. However, during crystallization, if a foreign element is trapped inside the diamond it alters its structure and the chemical process that leads to its formation. This, in turn, changes its colour. Naturally coloured diamonds are even rarer than clear diamonds.

Yellow diamonds are found all over the globe, however, the most intense ones are mined in South Africa. They also come in various shapes, sizes and colour intensities, making them a versatile choice for any jewellery style. Their colour intensity ranges from light to very intense yellow.

Like all natural coloured diamonds, yellow diamonds are rare. These diamonds also usually come with a high clarity grading, and both of these facts contribute to its price. However, when compared to other fancy coloured diamonds, yellow ones are still affordable. (Modafinil) Check out this diamond guide.

Yellow Diamonds in Engagement Rings

Due to its growing popularity, engagement rings with yellow diamonds are becoming more popular with future brides. This is a great way to add a new spin to a traditional diamond wedding ring. Due to their yellow shine, these diamonds look stunning in a platinum or white gold setting. Diamond engagement rings are something you are bound to pass onto your children, as their value grows each year, which makes them a very good investment, not just a stunning piece of jewellery.

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