5 Things You Do When They Give You the Engagement Ring
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5 Things You Do When They Give You the Engagement Ring

After that romantic dinner or that surprise trip in which he gave you the engagement ring, a new stage in your relationship begins. These are some of the things you are sure you want to do as soon as you have your precious ring.

Perhaps you have spent the night thinking about what your wedding dress will be like, where you will go for a honeymoon if you will wear a groom’s suit (smoking or smoking) if you will marry for the Balinese rite or where you will find your dreamed bouquet of girlfriend. Whatever your speculations, the day after I give you the Best Diamond Engagement Ring there are many things you can do so that everyone shares the joy of that moment. As, for example, some of these proposals that we present below. Whether he chose it or received “suggestions”, you carry in your hand an engagement ring that, apart from its material value, means a lot: someone is willing to share his life with you. Think about it and you will still feel happier when you look at it.

  1. Dad, I’m engaged!

Of course, your family will be the first to know the news, but probably have already answered some question from your boyfriend about your tastes or even have asked for a borrowed ring yours to hit with the measure. So you deserve to be the first to know that you are already engaged. From now on you will have to accompany you to choose the dress and the bridal bouquet, the place for the banquet and countless details, such as going to look at those wonderful vintage wedding invitations or help you find those fun ideas for weddings that deserve the scoop

  1. A what Sapp and meeting with friends

You already have it in your hand and you want to show it to the whole world, but above all, you’re dying to show it to your friends. Open what Sapp and call a meeting to see and drink something, apparently without reason, and when you all invite them to a glass of wine or champagne, whatever you want, and toast with them wearing your ring. It is time to explain with hairs and signals how was that special moment. After this, you can tell the rest of the world through a message or a photo on your social networks. Take advantage of the meeting to clarify what party dresses 2018 your friends will wear, if they act as bridesmaids at your wedding.

  1. Immortalize the moment in a fun way

Make them a session of fun photos in a photo booth, selfies in your preferred hand and ring in the foreground, or if you are more formal a photo shoot for the memory that may be accompanied by such place romantic songs for weddings that you love. Whatever your decision, these images will be part of your most personal photo album and, even some of those images; you can use them for your invitations.

  1. Your always perfect hands

They will be the center of attention every time you tell that you are already engaged and show your beautiful engagement ring; so that the appointment with the best manicure does not skip it. Presume ring with hands at the height of the circumstances.

  1. And, of course, enjoy it together

Before you set the date to get married and you spend whole evenings deciding what the invitations will be like or if there will be live music, live up to this idyllic stage free of tasks. You can make romantic getaways and share dinners with the light of the moon as the only witness of your love because this time is only for you.

The agenda was full of appointments to test the wedding dress, the decision of who will launch the bouquet and meetings with the family to finalize countless details await you around the corner. Take a break, recharge your energy and enjoy the first moments of commitment.

Try to follow these tips and this stage of life will become one of your favorites. The most important thing is to organize very well but not stop enjoying every moment. And do not forget to think about the wedding details of your guests or those wedding songs that will sound on the happiest day of your life!

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