Microblading Vs Microfeatherin: What's the Difference?Beauty, Hair, Skin Care

Microblading Vs Microfeatherin: What’s the Difference?

There are generally many important differences between microblading and microfeatherin which are discussed well in this particular session. Microblading is again considered to be the newish as well as a semi-permanent version of the eyebrow tattoos. The recent popularity of the microblading has gradually spawned both microfeathering as well as microshading. These two techniques can give a different brow look …

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How to Enjoy Natural Hair for LessHair

How to Enjoy Natural Hair for Less

Keeping your hair well-coiffed can be an expensive endeavor for most women — especially if you’re newly out of school, or still in the middle of it. The truth is, these relatively lean times translate into a new appreciation for your natural hair since you have to take off from pampering it with expensive solutions every so often and take …

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