A Yellow Canary DiamondEngagement, Ring

Should You Consider Coloured Diamonds for Bespoke Engagement Rings?

One of the growing trends for new couples are coloured diamonds, partly thanks to A-listers flaunting their own colourful, sparkling beauties during award shows or in fashion magazines. So the question now is: Are coloured diamonds in bespoke engagement rings the ideal choice for you? Understanding Diamonds Diamonds are highly valued for their lack of colour. In fact, “colourless” ones …

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The wedding planner chronicles – how to have the Zen wedding of your dreamsWedding

The wedding planner chronicles – how to have the Zen wedding of your dreams

Your wedding day can be a Zen day! Do you want to have a Zen wedding, from concept to implementation, without stress and flaw? Then you should turn to the services, expertise and experience of a wedding planner, such as http://www.theweddingspecialist.co.za. It will get rid of the “burden” of stress, telephones, negotiations and coordination; all the tasks, from contracting suppliers, …

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Getting to Know Your Ayurvedic Skin TypeBeauty

Getting to Know Your Ayurvedic Skin Type

Traditional Indian medicine, or ayurveda, is now becoming popular in today’s skin care routines. Ayurvedic practices and herbs are now being used in the beauty industry to create effective skin care regimens. You will able to see ayurvedic components in skin care routines and face cleaning products. Before you can implement ayurveda to your self-care routine, you must first know …

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