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How to make your wedding different?

What do you do to make your wedding different when you have traditional clothes to wear and rituals to follow? There are so many things that have to be like just another wedding and you dare to think of things to make yours unique.

Well, even though you cannot change the rules and rituals you need to follow, you can create a unique experience that makes everything feel that yours is different. Check out the following points that can help you add your own touch to the big day.

     1. Have a unique theme

Far too many people go ahead with subtle themes that make the ambiance wedding-like. But why not go ahead with a theme that seems absolutely unexpected? Themes that define your relationship with your partner can be ideal. For example, trying a cat-themed wedding because you’re going to adopt a cat right after marriage or a travel theme because you both wish to travel the world together – these can set you the right marriage goals!

     2. Make personalized invites

If you don’t have hundreds of people coming to your wedding, you might want it to be an intimate affair. Be particular about how you invite your close ones and add a personal touch to it. It can be a note that mentions your memories or gives an ode to how they’ve been there for you two. This is a heart-warming gesture that will make them have the best wishes for your big day.

     3. Standout escort cards

Rather than creating paper cards that can get lost, create escort cards that your guests can find when they need. Try out personalized cake pops and put them up on cupcakes. Add the name and table number for each guest so that they can have the cake and find their way too!

     4. Childcare

Having a childcare section is extremely thoughtful that not most couples think of. If you have a room where you can set up a game zone and a babysitter to assist them, they can allow their parents to have more fun. Parents don’t need to run after the cranky kids that just won’t eat. When kids have something of their own and more people of their kind, they have a gala time among themselves. They are also more convinceable and obey what you say.

     5. Serve cocktails uniquely

If you’re serving unique types of cocktails that also look different than what they’ve had, it’ll leave them inquisitive. Imagine having drinks from colorful trays or from the shelves of a portable bookcase that you can turn into a bar. These ideas can keep your guests excited all night.

     6. Personalized cake

We’ve seen married couples cut tiers of cake that come white, pink or light blue in color. Why not try and have something that looks more fashionable or unique? Try customized cakes where your baker uses the best fondant designs and create anything you wish to portray. Select the cake according to your theme or make it relatable to your relationship. Even if you want to portray the wedding, think of how you can have a unique display.

     7. A surprise dance

As the groom, you can ask your family to prepare a song and dance for your bride. It can be the song of warmth where they warmly welcome the bride into their family. It can be one of the best ways to make the bride feel loved and accepted on the wedding day.

     8. Suiting barware with a theme

Far too many weddings see dull barware that everyone seems to use at home. Think of ways to beautify traditional barware and relate it to your theme. Find out if there can be other barware options that suit your wedding theme and how you can use it. There are many websites that can customize your barware and suit them solely for your wedding day.

We recommend you to plan these ideas out in advance so that you have enough time to get them arranged. Also, have friends and family help you out because there will be too much for you to do. Uniqueness in a wedding doesn’t have to be extravagant and expensive. You just need to use the best of your resources and add it a few ideas to enhance that.

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