Crazy Fun Hen Do Celebration Themes For Every Modern Bride

Crazy Fun Hen Do Celebration Themes For Every Modern Bride

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There are only a few weeks left before you finally get hitched. By now you might have already picked the dress, finalized the wedding theme and motif, and completed the arrangements for the venue and catering. You should have also started planning your hen party. After all, it’s your last chance to party with your friends as a single woman.

If you still haven’t made the preparations needed for your hen party or if you don’t know what theme you should follow, you should definitely read on. We have gathered the best and the most insanely fun hen do themes for every modern bride-to-be below.

Disney Princess Hen Party

Have you always been dreaming about hosting a Disney princess themed party? Your hen party might just be the perfect occasion for that. Your bridesmaids can wear pretty ball gown dresses and pretend that they’re Princess Aurora, Mulan, Alice, Pocahontas or Snow White. 

You can all be more creative with the costumes. For example, instead of wearing gowns, you just wear personalized shirts or blouse.  You should also have a princess photo booth for all your party guests. To complete the vibe, you should also consider booking a trip to Disneyland.   

Gatsby-inspired Party

Many brides-to-be want to dress up like the characters from The Great Gatsby. For one night, they want to wear dazzling dresses and fabulous headpieces. Encourage your girls to wear pearls, sequined dresses, and feather headdresses. For their hairdo, they should consider going for a faux bob or subtle curls. For the venue decor, you should opt for a black and white 1920-inspired motif. 

Dress up as a fancy showgirl with all of your female entourage and take plenty of snaps to post on your social media accounts. Also, make sure that you have plenty of champagne.

Classic Strip Show

Thousands of hen party celebrants want to hire male exotic dancers to grace their occasion. It’s an undying tradition in the hen party business. The dancers can provide superb entertainment for all of the female guests. They can wear any kind of costume and perform a cheeky dance routine that will have everyone cheering and teasing. Imagine the giggles of your girlfriends as the dancer starts performing on stage. You can ask the dancer to use all kinds of props. It’s the ultimate entertainment for your hen party celebration.

Beach Babe Bachelorette Party

Crazy Fun Hen Do Celebration Themes For Every Modern Bride

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Do you love the beach? Why not host a beach babe hen party? You can book group surfing lessons, play beach volleyball, camp by the beach or go for an island hopping. You can also check out the different bars in the island.

In arranging a beach party, you should choose a nice and secured beach or beach resort. Check the amenities available to ensure the comfort of you and your guests. You can also coordinate with seasoned party vendors so they can provide you cool hen party packages. Some vendors might provide the camping equipment and give out beach club passes for free. 

Hen Party in the Countryside

Crazy Fun Hen Do Celebration Themes For Every Modern Bride

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Making arrangements for your wedding can be super stressful. Before your big day, you should take a moment to relax and regain your sanity. Take a trip to the countryside with your gals. If you don’t feel like enjoying a night filled with booze, concerts, and whatnot, you should just host your bachelorette celebration in the countryside.

Invite your friends to your farmhouse. If you don’t have one, you can look for possible accommodations in AirBnB or talk to some hen party vendors. You can engage in fun and relaxing activities like picking farm vegetables, getting eggs from the chicken coop and milking the cow. Don’t forget to savor the beautiful and calm scenery in the country.

Spa Weekend Getaway

Apart from going to the countryside, you can also book a spa weekend for your hen party celebration. Many spas provide group packages for hen party celebrants. You only need to book your group package ahead of time. The only downside to this party theme is that you only get to invite a maximum of 12 people to your spa party to avoid crowing the venue.

Everyone can enjoy facial treatments, massages, body scrubs, and foot spas. It’s the perfect way you can pamper yourself and your girlfriends before the big day. Your spa weekend can help you look more youthful and glowing on your wedding day.

Crazy Fun Hen Do Celebration Themes For Every Modern Bride

Photo by Marius Muresan on Unsplash

It’s hard to plan a wedding. There are just so many things to do most especially if you’re doing it by yourself. Despite that, you should still leave enough time for your best girlfriends. You all deserve to spend quality time with each other. You should choose a nice venue and a fun and memorable party theme for everyone. We hope the party ideas above can help you plan your own hen party celebration.

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