Weddings dos and don'ts for the happiest memories

Weddings dos and don’ts for the happiest memories

Have you ever been excited for a day but saw everything go against how you planned? Sadly, pre-planned occasions often have negative outcomes and that is mostly because we assume a lot ahead of time. Weddings are one event that needs you to be organized and come with a lot of planning. Here, we are going to add a few dos and don’ts to help things fall in place just the way you want!

Dos for the wedding event

The following gives you a brief insight into the things you ought to do to have the perfect wedding:

     1. Do invest in a pre-wedding shoot

If you have enough money to shell out or the perfect couple images, invest in pre-wedding shoots. Don’t spend hours posing around on the main day because it exhausts you way more than you think. Let the wedding day go candid and believe us – you’d have the best photos anyway!

     2. Do plan grooming routine in advance

Don’t wait for the last few days to book parlour services or call a salon expert home. Keep a person booked in advance and share your look. You can even go in for a look test beforehand so that you don’t waste time on the wedding day.

     3. Do keep a track of your budget

Just a few days before your wedding, there are thousands of things on your mind and a heart full of mixed emotions. However, none of this should get into your way when you need to sit with your budget. Just as you keep your personal and professional lives separate, your wedding budget should be a serious affair – staying within it will help you start your married life happier than not.

     4. Do count on your bridal party

Friends in need are the friends indeed and needless to say you’d have your best friends to help you out at your wedding. Count on them and give them all the responsibilities they’d happily take. Let them manage the event and coordinate the RSVP. You can also allow them to style you and might even be close enough to be your witness! Don’t forget to thank them with pretty bridesmaids and unique groomsmen gifts to show your appreciation.

Don’ts for the wedding event

     1. Don’t be a bossy bride

If you’re the 21st century headstrong and determined businesswoman, you are a sure boss! However, when it is about your wedding event, try to tone down how you usually have things in your control. Being in the moment and taking things easy helps and keeps you happy.

     2. Don’t forget to check out rented suits

Not many like the idea of wearing a rented suit for their wedding, while some stick to saving money. Think about a designer wear that you’d buy just for a day – many can even go for a short trip with the same amount. Rethink the decisions you take on buying your wedding garments or plan to put them on rent after you’ve bought the new ones – this way it is a win-win for you. Always keep your budget in concern so that you don’t go too fancy!

     3. Don’t have an open bar

There are friends who tend to go crazy on booze and some tend to mess up the aura of a wedding day. Don’t let that happen to your special day and keep booze in control. Let one of your friends or relatives keep a clear idea of how much people are drinking to avoid uncomfortable situations.

     4. Don’t call too many people

The best way to have a happy wedding event is by calling in limited people. The reason is simple – people who really care will do their best to make your day special. For example, the ones who cannot handle booze will be extra cautious about not drinking too much. Many times, we fall into unnecessary conversations and get judged by invitees. If you invite people who love you and wish the best for you, you will know how the environment vibes around you.

These were some of the simple ideas that you must consider thinking about. They will help you have an organized wedding that gives you the best memories to make. Let the candid images capture the rest and offer you moments to cherish forever.

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