6 Fall Wedding Tips for an Incredible Day

It’s almost impossible to have a bad fall wedding. Knock on wood, of course, but fall just lends itself incredibly well to the perfect wedding day. Seriously, the crisp air, the beautiful foliage, the matching antler wedding rings. We’ve basically created the perfect aesthetic already. That said, you can still do a few things to help yourself guarantee the perfect wedding day.

Why Have a Fall Wedding?

Well, It’s Fall

Seriously, the natural color palette just makes everything seem more romantic. You could get married in a Walmart parking lot in fall and still have it end up on some Instagram wedding inspiration page. Granted, it wouldn’t get a ton of likes, but still far more likes than it should. 

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Ideal Weather Throughout Much of the Country

Especially in that early to mid-fall part of the season where everything is temperate in the afternoon and cooler in the morning and evening. The weather is going to generally allow you to have the reception and wedding inside or outside, completely depending on your preference.

Off-Season Discounts in Late Fall

Early fall is peak wedding season, but late fall has some wiggle room. If you’re getting married in early October, you probably won’t snag any sort of discount. Sorry about that. Supply and demand and whatnot. However, if you get married in, say, late November, you can grab yourself a good discount, potentially. If you’re getting married late in the season, it’s worth trying your hand at haggling. 

Are There Downsides to a Fall Wedding?

The Weather Isn’t Always Ideal

For much of the country throughout much of the season, fall is ideal. However, if you aren’t in that section of the country or that part of the season, you may be out of luck. Fall weather can turn on a dime as well, especially if you’re in the early part of the season right after a false fall. 

The Sun Sets a Little Early

Once daylight saving time is over (and we have no idea why we still do that), the sun sets mighty early. It’s going to be colder and darker sooner than it should be, so you’ll need to adjust your wedding time and date accordingly.

Fall Wedding Tips for an Incredible Day

Plan Early. Like, Really Early

Not sure if you’ve heard this, but everyone else wants to get married in the fall, too. Sorry, we tried asking them not to, but it didn’t work. You may have to fight tooth and nail to get a spot at that perfect venue. By that, we mean you need to book well in advance. We can’t legally advocate that you fight anyone, so you’re on your own there.

Get Your Rings Well in Advance, Too

You should do this no matter the season, honestly. It just makes your life easier. What if you find the perfect meteorite wedding bands but realize you’re off by half a size? If you got them far enough ahead, you could plan a return or a resizing without any stress. If you’re running up towards the wedding, though, you may have to grin and bear it until after the big day.

Lean into the Season

By this, we mean two things: one, embrace the natural color palette, and two, don’t try to theme your wedding something other than fall. Those may sound like the same thing, and they kind of are, but there’s a distinction.

Obviously, the first point is easy. You have a natural backdrop of absolute beauty, so just take a cue from the colors outside and bring them inside for your wedding reception. 

The second point is similar but not entirely the same. You could theme your wedding something other than fall if you want, but it’s likely going to feel jarring to have your Beach Boys-themed wedding reception at a farm in New England, ya know?

When It Comes to Colors, Less Is More 

It’s such a beautiful color palette, but a little goes a long way. Consider it kind of like painting your house. Start with one main color and a pair of accent colors. Now, if you’re adept at design, you can add another color or two in there. If not, you’ll be perfectly fine with just those three. 

Have an Eye on the Weather Forecast

Fall weather, especially in the early season, can be a bit finicky. If you plan well, you’re fine, but you still want to have your weather app handy at all times. Have a backup plan (or two) in case the weather turns colder or warmer than you initially expected.

Planning Around the Holidays

So, there’s a balance to this. More people are free around the holidays because they’ve taken off work. However, more people will also have previous commitments because, well, it’s the holidays. There’s a fine line you’ll have to walk, so keep your guest list in mind when deciding if you want your wedding to be around a major fall holiday.


Fall weddings almost plan themselves in terms of aesthetic, but you’ve got to do the planning yourself. Mother Nature will not hire a wedding photographer for you. That’s something you’ve gotta handle yourself.

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