Top flower arrangements

Top flower arrangements to keep in mind while wedding planning 

Since you stumbled upon this article, let’s presume that you are all set for your big day. You might have already selected your wedding gown, bridesmaid fabrics, and wedding venue. If you haven’t decided yet, it would be better to look for flower arrangements.

 Now let’s move on to the part you wanted to know about⸺ wedding flowers. You might already be familiar with its uses in a wedding. Ideally, you need them for bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, peddles, altar arrangements, reception decor, and other decorations. 

 Other than these, there are many different ways to use flowers at your wedding. They are an ideal way to customize your wedding. But let’s not talk about other arrangements today and focus on yourself and your beloved bridal party. 

 Here are the flower arrangements to keep in mind while wedding planning

 Wedding Flower Bouquet- Top flower arrangements

 Imagine yourself walking down the aisle. Besides your dad holding your hands, what do you visualize doing? You are holding a wedding bouquet, isn’t it? After all, it is one of the most crucial elements of the wedding day. 

 Ideally, you can find wedding bouquets in different styles, sizes, colors, and shapes. You can decide what kind of masterpiece you would like to have on your wedding day. For instance, you don’t have to choose natural blooms all the time. You can opt for sola wood flower bouquet as well. 

 Whatever you choose, keep in mind the entire wedding day theme and your attire. Otherwise, your bouquet might fall flat. You wouldn’t want that, right? For example, if you have beadwork or an elaborate bodice, opt for a simple wedding flower bouquet. However, if you opted for a simple dress, going a bit over with your floral arrangement won’t be bad.

 Bridesmaid Bouquet

 Your wedding won’t be complete without your besties. After all, they are the heart of your wedding. So, how can you forget a bridesmaid bouquet? You can have them smaller than yours or have something identical to yours. It will eventually depend on what kind of dresses and fabrics they will wear at your wedding. You can also opt for sola wood wedding flowers to create a bouquet for your beloved friends.

 You must look at the color palette and your bouquet designs to choose what will work for your maid of honor. You can play with colors or customize it that holds some meaning. The idea is to make it look good with a pinch of personal touch.

 Wedding Boutonniere

 This might feel like a tiny accessory worn on a suit. But wedding boutonnieres add a decorative accent to the males in the family. Whether it’s a groom, best man, father of the bride/ groom, or the ring bearer, you cannot forget about it because it’s a small accessory. It must match the rest of the wedding day floral arrangements. 

 If you think you have limited options, you are highly mistaken. There are many ways to add personality and individuality to the wedding day look. It will rock anyone wearing a suit on your big day. Just remember, if you keep in mind small details, you will make a statement. 

 Wedding Corsage

 Blooms are a part of weddings, and they also mark new beginnings. Now that you covered other necessary floral arrangements, how can you forget about honoring someone close to you? Enters corsage. It is a small bundle of blooms worn around the wrist like a bracelet. Ideally, the mother of the bride/ groom, grandmothers, and special female guests get to wear this flower arrangement. 

 You don’t have to limit yourself to real bloom only. You can choose sola wood flowers for wedding arrangements for this as well. That way, you don’t have to limit your options to seasonal blooms only. 

 Floral Wedding Hair Accessory

 Even if you think you wouldn’t like a flower crown, you can do many things using sola wood flowers on your big day. You can rock these blooms by creating a floral hair accessory that will be perfect and will enhance your bridal beauty. Floral wedding accessories will enhance the overall look, whether you opt for a loose updo or pinning your locks to one side. 


Wedding floral arrangements go beyond the basic centerpieces or bouquets. The above wedding flower checklist will help you find all other times you will require blooms at your events. 

 But that’s not all! Besides your family and friends, here are some options that you would like to use for your wedding. 

  •  Flower girl bouquet
  • Wedding ceremony aisle markers 
  • Flower petal carpet
  • Floral tie-back
  • Floral pillars
  • Floral garland
  • Floral swag
  • Floral statement wall

 Depending on your budget, you can either use all or some of them and create some magical moments for you and your partner. 



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