What is the trend of Reverse Wedding all about?

What is the trend of Reverse Wedding all about?

If you have no idea about a reverse wedding, the term might raise a lot of questions on your mind. Seriously, what comes to your mind? Is it about going from the last rituals to the first? Or is it about simply not doing what is traditionally done?

To answer all your questions, we are here to tell you what reverse weddings are and why you could go with the trend. In simple words, reverse wedding mixes up a traditional wedding schedule with the reception or party. It is perfect for people who want their day to be all about celebrations and not just tiring rituals.

Reverse weddings are much more fun, unconventional, and we will tell you how you can pull it off. The tips below will help you plan your reverse wedding and make your event the talk of the town.

How to organize a reverse wedding?

The following tips will help you understand what reverse weddings are all about and how you can arrange it:

  1. Let people know

Since most people are still unaware of the concept, you need to be clear about your understanding and explain others. Make it easy for yourself by keeping reminders and make sure you tell people as you invite them.

You can also post ‘save the date’ images on your wedding website, WhatsApp group, and so on. Let people have the cue about your wedding party and also encourage the elders in the family to help out. They must be able to clarify or explain when guests ask about the wedding schedule.

  1. Create a countdown

Just like we have a countdown from Christmas and New Years, and it brings anticipation along, you can do the same for your wedding. Keep a large clock in the central space and make sure the hours chime. You can even plan bridal toasts or have someone share speeches at every hour. It not only keeps the night moving but also keeps your guests engaged.

  1. Space out the snacks

Reverse weddings seldom choose to go with sit-down dinners. If you think of a party, you’d rather live on snacks and drinks. Even buffets aren’t good enough for reverse weddings. You can simply let the refreshments coming in and let your guests enjoy the party instead. They can groove with a glass of wine and munch on the cheese that passes by. We wouldn’t stop you from a dining space or a buffet option to make sure your guests get all that they want. However, you can have a separate space for that and don’t keep it clubbed with the party zone.

  1. Be specific with music

Music is one of the most important aspects of a reverse wedding so don’t let dead air kill party vibes. Hire a DJ who can keep transforming the beats the way you want it to be and give him cues beforehand. According to the energy of the party animals, you can get your night going.

You have to carefully allow people to loosen on the dance floor and again wind down into the ceremony. You could also scale back to the vibe you want amidst the “I Do” or right after it – That’s quite an interesting makeshift!

  1. Go gaga over crazy outfits

There are plenty of brides and grooms who don’t want to wear traditional clothes at their wedding. Many don’t understand how it makes them different and many simply don’t like to wear the black & white combo.

A reverse wedding allows you to choose your wedding outfit and you can go as wild you want to. It can relate to the theme of your reception or can be a cocktail dress that becomes the life of the party. You can also wear different outfits owing to the ceremonies and the party that comes together. Just go for a quick change and everything can look anew.

  1. Make use of lighting

One of the smart ways of having the reverse wedding vibe is by setting the mood lighting. It not only sets the right mood for everyone but also allows you to shift according to the ceremonies. For example, for arrival, you can use rose light or soft amber. As it gets darker everyone will want to get to the dance floor. You can again change that back to candle lights if you have dining arrangement.

  1. Cut off alcohol early

To make sure the party doesn’t go out of hand, you must cut off the alcohol before the ceremony. It will keep people away from over-indulging and also send signals that the party should sober down. You need to get back to a more serious note when you exchange the vows. You can also switch over to wine and beer so that people can enjoy themselves without risking the high.

  1. Exit quickly

Once the ceremony is done, everyone will be well-fed and exhausted. It will be time to head back home. You should make arrangements to move out with your partner and enjoy the rest of the time together. If the party still goes on, the hosts can take care of the guests. You should immediately get to your spaces and start the time of your togetherness in happiness and in solitude.

If you don’t want to head back to quiet rooms or go for a drive or simply have dinner together, you can plan an impromptu after party with the closest people. Let the day end in the happy highs and give you memories to cherish forever.

A reverse wedding gives you the freedom to change the way we look and carry out a wedding routine. Here, you get to choose your own way of planning a routine, set things up, wear what you want to, and more.

Make sure you familiarize your family and take suggestions from friends and relatives. If there are wedding planners who are experts in reverse wedding, you can appoint them too. Make sure you keep it as systematic as possible and also let loose when you can.

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