All DownHill After the Dress: Bridal Jewelry Worth Splurging On
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All DownHill After the Dress: Bridal Jewelry Worth Splurging On

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for almost your entire life. You’ve been asked by family and friends for years on when it was going to happen. The pressure was on for a while.

But the day has finally come. It’s your special day: your wedding day! And you’ve found the perfect dress!

Nothing is more important than your wedding dress. But a wedding dress isn’t complete without the proper bridal fashion jewelry to compliment it. You’ll need to make a statement when walking down the aisle.

Having these elegant wedding jewelry pieces to match your gorgeous dress is the perfect way to stand out from past brides. Why be ordinary? It’s time to be original!

You bought the dress, now it’s time to shop for accessories! Finding the right jewelry to match such a glamours dress could be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be!

Look no further! We’ve put together a collection of amazing jewelry for brides that you won’t mind digging into your pockets for. Keep reading to find the piece that calls your name!

Floral Garden Pearl Jewelry Set (USABride)

Planning a wedding in a garden? Outside weddings have become increasingly more popular. Early summer and early fall are both splendid times to have a garden wedding venue.

The weather is beautiful and nature is at it’s fullest. And we’ve picked out the perfect jewelry set to match it!

On the Floral Garden Pearl Jewelry Set crafted by USABride, hand wired rhinestones attach to attractive flower pedals and bouquets. The mix of pearls and rhinestones is unique and enchanting.

The set contains earrings and a necklace. And the finish is your choice of light gold or rose gold.

Blue Topaz With Pearls Clusters (Scully & Scully)

If you’re loving the idea of pearls, but want to make a little louder of a statement, throw in some color! How amazing would blue topaz look in contrast to your dress? Brilliant, right?

The Blue Topaz With Pearls Clusters Earrings is brought to you by Scully & Scully. These earrings feature 18k white gold settings to hold the blue topaz stones. These beautiful clusters are not only formed with the blue topaz stones and white pearls, but with 0.40 carats of diamonds.

3 Piece Bling Crystal Necklace And Earrings Jewelry Set (Zhenhui)

Feeling the colors, but not so much the price? This 3 piece set made by Zhenhui will make the statement you desire without hurting your pockets. Costume wedding jewelry is fun, tasteful, and inexpensive.

The set includes earrings, a necklace, and one ring. The colors of the accent stones come in a variety of choices. This is great for choosing a color that ties into your wedding theme!

Italian Sirius Lariat Necklace (Roma)

We’ve talked about diamonds, pearls, and stones. But we haven’t talked about beads! Roma Designer Jewelry brings you the Italian Sirius Lariat Necklace.

This necklace is constructed from two-tone gold vermeil and platinum vermeil beads. Diamond cut and smooth beads alternate as they wind down the necklace. Rather than a simple circular form, the Italian Sirius Lariat Necklace wraps around your neck and lays on your chest in separate strands.

Vermeil jewelry is becoming increasingly more sought after. But not everyone is familiar with it. Resources like this blog break down what vermeil is all about.

Now, this is a way to say, “original!”

Victorian Old European Diamond Fringe Necklace (Doyle & Doyle)

For those who may not be into the boldness that color jewelry has to offer, the Victorian Old European Diamond Fringe Necklace is ideal for you! Want to stick to classic white or silver pieces, but still be your own person? This is the necklace for you!

It’s 14k yellow gold topped with silver. The diamonds are Old European cut and are set around the entire piece. Rather than a simple round necklace, diamonds extend on fringes throughout the necklace and around your neck.

Can you say bold? Definitely! And you don’t need any colors to say it.

Cable Spira Bracelet (David Yurman)

We’ve touched a lot on necklaces and earrings, but what about bracelets? You can make a huge statement with the right bracelet. And the Cable Spira Bracelet by David Yurman is the way to do it.

This wrought styled bangle is flawless. If you’re looking for an elegant, but a not too simple piece for your wrist, then you need this bangle! Made from 18k gold, the bracelet gracefully broadcast its yellow tones.

Love Bracelet (Cartier)

We don’t want to leave you with only one bracelet option. So here’s another bracelet that is sure to stand out on your wedding day. The Love Bracelet presented by Cartier comes in yellow gold, pink gold, and white gold.

This unique bracelet locks around your wrist and can only be opened with a special flat head tool. It’s a bridal jewelry piece like no other! It’s absolutely stunning, but not gaudy.

Made from 18k gold, any color choice for this bracelet is the right choice! Decide on a color that will best fit your wedding colors.

Undeniably Desirable Wedding Jewelry

It’s undeniable; wedding jewelry is as important as the dress. You’re getting married, so marry your dress too! Shop for the best wedding accessories to couple your wedding dress with.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement with bold colors or bold styles, choosing one of these pieces will have you feeling like the queen you are! For more on wedding-day planning, click over to our wedding blogs!

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