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Couples Quizzes: Which are the most trending ones on the internet?

We all relish the early days of our relationships when everything used to be happy. During those times, it all used to be dreamy and fantasizing. Moreover, all of these tend to fade away with time. However, it does not mean that you will lose it all. The couples quizzes can eventually help you bring back the charm.


Honestly, if you feel that every spark in your relationship is fading, don’t feel sad. Besides, there is nothing wrong with your relationship. What is complicated is the slowly weakening emotional intimacy. Therefore, successful couples are the ones who are intent. 


If you are looking forward to keeping the thrill and charm in your relationship alive, you might want to try the romantic quiz for couples. Moreover, these quizzes are going to help you understand your partner better than before. Besides, these quizzes also help you know the level of intimacy between you and your partner.

Fun and Trending Couple Quizzes on the Internet

Thanks to platforms like TikTok and YouTube, couples have now started this trend of couple quizzes on the internet. 

The relationship quiz questions tend to reveal a lot about either of the partners. They’re fun and trendy. Moreover, if you haven’t discovered some of these fun and trending romantic quiz for couples, here are a few of them.  

Book Couples Quizzes Questions

couples quizzes

The literary world is full of couples that will make you swoon over them. From the Classics to Post-modern ones, every story has that one couple we see as ideal ones. Moreover, if you and your partner are into books and keep diving deeper into this world, you can hold romantic quiz questions related to fictional characters.  

You can ask each other questions about famous couples, how their love blossomed, their creators, and so much more. Honestly, there is no end to quiz questions from the literary world. 

Quiz Questions Based on Movies

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Every romantic movie has that one couple who are our ideal. If you and your partners are total movie buffs, you need to focus on framing quiz questions about ideal movie couples. 


You can check who has more knowledge. Moreover, you can also try reviving the spark with your partner in between the quizzes. If you and your partner remain caught up with work, holding quiz questions based on movies can be one great way to bring back the relationship spark. 


Follow The TikTok Trend

couples quizzes

If you’re not on TikTok, it’s time that you should be. You need to consult your partner if they’re okay with you making a TikTok account. Once you log in, you can follow the trend. Several popular TikTok trends have quizzes. 


You can create a TikTok video and put it up. What’s more prevalent is that you never know when you go viral. You can check up or follow up on the viral couples. Just check out how they’re making the video and follow in their footsteps. 


Quizzes on Technology

Technology is evolving each day. Honestly, it is the technology that has taken over relationships these days. According to a few studies, an individual picks up their smartphone 85 times a day and is online for around 25 hours each week. 


These technological gadgets have become our lives. Technology can play an essential role in strengthening your connection with the partner. Moreover, the quizzes on technology can also be one great way to learn about your partner’s childhood. 


During our childhood days, technology wasn’t this advanced. You can ask your partner about the games they were interested in their childhood and how long they watched the TV. It’s not necessary to ask questions from the past only. You can also ask questions relevant to the present times. 


Couples quizzes on relationship

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Reflecting and talking about your relationship can play an essential role in strengthening your bond. Most of the time, we believe that we are on the same page with our partners while we are not. Learn to communicate and understand each other. Amy North’s text chemistry program is a guide that helps you to converse with your partner and improve your relationship.


Some of the questions that can help you reflect a lot on your relationship include


  1. Are you guys comfortable with each other? 
  2. Do you guys feel any discomfort while approaching each other? 
  3. What is the time that you feel you are connected the most? 
  4. Is there something you both should confess or communicate with each other? 


Quizzes on secrets

No matter how long you’ve been with each other, certain things remain as secrets. The quizzes on mysteries help to strengthen your relationship while you get a new vision of each other. 


Some of the questions that you can include are the following.


  1. What is that one weird dream you’ve had?
  2. Is there something in your life that you are scared of?
  3. What is the most challenging thing in your life? 
  4. your biggest failure?
  5. What did you learn from your mistake?
  6. Do you have a scar? Why is it weird?


couples quizzes on Trust

Trust is a critical component of every relationship. If you don’t have trust in a relationship, you don’t have anything. If you confront your partner about questions related to faith, you will get a better insight into each other’s minds. This will further make you more secure about your partner. 


  1. What are you scared about the most in your relationship? 
  2. Has your partner felt unappreciated? 
  3. Did they feel rejected- if so, then why and when?
  4. Did the partner ever make you feel lonely?
  5. Does your partner unnotice you under any scenario?


Five Things

Hold a rapid-fire with your partner and analyze the five things that can spark up your relationship. Moreover, make sure to question your partner about 

  1. things they love about you 
  2. things they feel are the most inspiring about you. 
  3. Five things that made your partner fall in love with you lately. 
  4. Five reasons you are grateful for.



There’s no sad or problematic relationship, just a few under immense pressure. Besides, if you are right to yourself and your partner, nothing is stopping you. 


Your relationship will survive only if you put effort into it. Moreover, the couples quizzes can be one great way to revive your dying relationship (only if you feel it to be). Therefore, just make sure to have the right relationship quiz questions planned so that you can get to know each other more.

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