A Second Honeymoon

Planning A Second Honeymoon? What To Do And What To Avoid

Being married for a few years should feel great. But, at the same time, it can become dull, since you and your partner would probably be busy making your lives together. And you might be missing the romance between you two on A Second Honeymoon.

If you can resonate with the feeling, you’ve come to the right place.

Perhaps, a second honeymoon is what you need to spice up your relationship once again and feel adored.

But, of course, you don’t want to have the same honeymoon again. Perhaps, you need change.

Wondering, how can you make it different this time?

Keep reading and find out for yourself.

Get Active Together

Remember why you’re planning a second honeymoon – to spend time with your partner. But, also keep in mind, you can’t spend time all day in your bed.

It will get boring at some point in time.

So, the better option is to indulge in some physical activities with your partner.

You can go for a hike together at the nearest trail to your destination. Or you can take up some adventure activities such as white river rafting or para-jumping if you both are adrenaline junkies.

Add Surprises To “First-Time” Moments

Well, there’s certainly something about the first-time moments that bring a smile to your face.

Perhaps, you can relive those moments on your second honeymoon to rekindle the spark. But, this time, add a surprise element to it.

For instance, you can use real whizzinator XXX to your bedtime moments and add some excitement to your honeymoon. Or you can even try some foreplay acts if you’re into such kink.

You can try endless things and plan as many surprises as you want. The idea is to cherish the moments that got you with your partner in the first place.

Go Beyond Reasons

Most couples wait for a reason to surface before they plan their second honeymoon. For example, some may choose a grandparents-to-be second honeymoon. Others may use a career-achievement second honeymoon.

But, you must know that don’t need a reason to spend time with your partner. Having your partner by your side is a good reason alone.

Perhaps, this time go beyond reasoning and just plan a random honeymoon trip with/for your partner. Maybe, this could be the surprise that you both may make your heirlooms around.

You may choose to cover your bucket list travel plans before you hit your early forties. Or you may choose to hop around the town between your favorite restaurants or pubs for a whole night.

The Bottomline

You don’t need a reason to spend time with your partner. You are growing and co-creating a life together is a good reason and perhaps, the only one you need.

We suggest you don’t overstress and just go for it. After all, your second honeymoon has to be fun and rekindling for your love life.

Perhaps, plan the least and let everything go with the flow. You’d be surprised, how well your unplanned celebrations can become if you put your heart into it.


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