places to visit in mount abu
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Places to Visit in Mount Abu for a Honeymoon Couple

Being a newly wedded couple, you will be thinking about the best honeymoon destination. One of the best honeymoon destinations in India is Mount Abu. Moreover, Mount Abu is a hill station located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Besides, there are lots of beautiful places to visit in Mount Abu, especially for honeymoon couples. Therefore, this article will also help you get information about different activities you can enjoy at these places in Mount Abu.


List of best places to visit in Mount Abu for a honeymoon couple

Nakki Lake: The love lake of Mount Abu

places to visit in mount abu

If you want to spend some quality time with your partner, Nakki lake is the best place to visit. Nakki Lake is an artificial lake that offers a relaxing and peaceful experience for visitors. Nakki lake is also called the love lake of Mount Abu. You may find many couples strolling around the lake. The Nakki lake is also a sacred place for a particular tribe of Rajasthan called the Garcia tribe. Some of the significant activities you can enjoy at the Nakki lake include boating and walking around the lake. This place looks lovely in the morning as well as during sunset.

Love Rock: Honeymoon point of Mount Abu

Love rock stands near the Nakki lake. Thus, if you plan to visit Nakki lake, you can’t miss an opportunity to visit the Love rock. This rock is at a height of almost 4000 feet. Visiting the top part of this rock will offer you a beautiful view of the Nakki lake. All you need to do is sit and rejoice in the beautiful moment with your partner when you reach the Love rock. Natural surroundings around Love Rock will undoubtedly win your heart 


Utraj is another central location that is loved by all honeymoon couples. It is a hamlet at the Jodhpur division in Mount Abu, and it is an offbeat location. Thus, you may need to take a ride to reach Utraj from Mount Abu. The small and isolated Utraj hamlet will provide you an opportunity to spend quality time with your partner. Some of the activities that you can engage in Utraj include camping and trekking.  

Achalgarh Fort

If you and your partner love to visit historical locations, Achalgarh fort can be one of the best places to visit in Mount Abu. This is a 13th-century fort that was constructed by the rulers of the Paramara Dynasty. You can also visit the Achaleshwar Mahadev Mandir near the Achalgarh fort to get blessings from God. If you follow Jain religious traditions, three Jain temples are also situated on the top of the Achalgarh fort. Thus, for all honeymoon couples, who like to visit historical places, Achalgarh fort can be one of the best options. Make sure to visit this fort till 7 pm as the fort doesn’t stay open after 7 pm. 

Sunset point

All honeymoon couples want to visit places that can help them get Instagram worthy pictures. You can get the most beautiful photos at the sunset point in Mount Abu. Sunset Point is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mount Abu. All you need to do is bask in the sun and capture lovely pictures for your Instagram profile. After you finish looking at a beautiful view and clicking unlimited photos, you can also go for a little shopping. You can purchase beautiful handicraft items at stalls near the sunset point. 

Peace park

Just like the name suggests, this park offers peace and serenity to visitors. Honeymoon is about fun and getting to know each other. Visiting Peace Park in Mount Abu will allow you to sit peacefully and understand each other in a better way. This landscape garden has lots of beautiful spaces to sit and relax. Peace Park is run by Brahmakumaris, who teaches Rajyoga. Thus, you can even learn a few meditation techniques at this place. The short video clips shown at this park will help you understand your partner’s intrinsic beauty.  

Cafe Shikibo

Every honeymoon couple wants to go on a memorable coffee date. Thus, if you want the best coffee cup added with a beautiful ambiance, Cafe Shikibo can be the best choice for you. The decoration and the atmosphere of the cafe will win your heart. You can get an extensive range of coffee at Cafe Shikibo. From cafe latte to cappuccino, you can get different varieties and options in coffee at Cafe Shikibo. So enjoy deciduous coffee and plan your future with your partner at Cafe Shikibo.  

Best time for places to visit in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a small hill station in Rajasthan, and you can visit Mount Abu at any time of the year as all time is the best time to visit Mount Abu. From looking at the soothing sunset from sunset to sitting at the edge of love rock, you can indulge in various activities for your Honeymoon in Mount Abu. If you don’t know where to stay at Mount Abu, you can find multiple hotels in Mount Abu that will offer luxurious hotels at the best price. All-time is the best time to visit Mount Abu, and thus, you will love the refreshing and soothing vibe of this city anytime you see.

Honeymoon couples should try to visit this hill station in the winter months as you can find a comfortable stay in the best hotels in Mount Abu. If you are looking for a honeymoon destination within India that is affordable and budget-friendly, Mount Abu can be one of the best options. This small town is well connected with all modes of transportation. You won’t face any difficulty in planning a trip to Mount Abu. So, visit Mount Abu for your Honeymoon and let us know about your memorable experience. We hope you will enjoy all these places to visit in Mount Abu. Have a happy and enjoyable honeymoon.

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