Best Honeymoon Places in India
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Best Honeymoon Places in India

Everyone in this busy world wants to relax a bit during their vacation days. And, it cannot be better when with the love of your life. It is true that after a social ceremony of a wedding that involves a bunch of relatives, friends, busy schedules, makeup, photography, sleepless days, oily food, you would find yourself in need of relaxation. And of course, you two love birds deserve a little vacation of your own to melt in each other. Therefore, you need to find out the best destinations for your honeymoon in India. It is where you can find it. So, let’s check out, pals.

1 Kerala:

The backwater of Kerala is one of the most romantic places in India. You can hide yourselves among the shades of coconut trees, the salty breeze from the sea, the houseboat thatched with palm tree leaves, and find love in each other’s eyes. You can relax on the picturesque beach of Kovalam. The crowd will not be a problem, as hotels around the beach provide you with a beautiful view that you two can enjoy from your hotel rooms. Or, you can have a little chill in the air if you visit Munnar. The windy roads among the tea estates, the greenery around you, and the fabulous scent of dark chocolates can never be paralleled. You can stay at Alleppey, the Venice of the East. When you two take a boat ride in the water alleys of the town, you can undoubtedly fill peace around you. The local cuisine is lovely with the best chutneys for idly and dosa. However, the language can be a little problematic for outsiders; English is commonly spoken in tourist places. You have got nothing to worry about because it is the language of love that counts for you two.

2 Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

It takes only two or three hours of flight to reach Port Blair airport from the mainland of India, but here you will find out the serenity that you had always looked for. The warm subtropical weather is a plus point. It is neither too chilly nor too sweaty. The soothing breeze from the Bay of Bengal is the cherry on top. What is not romantic here? The excellent beaches, sun-kissed porticos of sea-facing hotels, scattered corals here and there, abandoned lighthouse, the crystal clear blue sea, lagoons surrounded with shimmering sand, and a touch of colonial history- everything adds up to the romance that is kindling within your souls. If you want to add another dimension to your honeymoon by a little tinge of adventure, Andaman is the right place for you. You can explore the underwater realm of unknown fishes and plants with your love by diving deep into the sea. You can ride semi-submarine and walk on the deepest depths of the Bay of Bengal. Every type of food is available here. You can make your way by speaking in English and Hindi.

3 Pangong Lake, Ladakh:

Might be the best place for a honeymoon, if you and your partner are real daredevils. The dusty roads to Pangong Lake take you to heaven on earth. The realm is purely magical with a setting of mountains, lake, the sound of wind and waves breaking against the pebbles. The surrounding beauty of the lake is just mesmerizing. You can take a cab from Leh or ride a bike here. The best time to visit Pangong Lake is from the end of June to the end of September. The temperature ranges from -5 to 10 degrees Celsius. However, the odds are negligible in comparison to the heavenly feel that you have up there. The romance is multiplied when you see a reflection of the face of your love beside yours in the mirror-like water of the lake. After dark, you can spend the evening outside your tent holding hands of your desire, or you can find warmth in the royal interior of the tents. You can book a tent from Leh. They provide you with food and lodging both. The simplicity of the place has a lovely charm that binds you there forever. Even after coming back to the busy everyday life, you can still hear the tribal dance steps of local girls and feel the warmth of the campfire. Don’t you want such a memorable honeymoon?

4 Rajasthan:

You want to give your partner a royal surprise, Rajasthan may be the best honeymoon destinations for you. It is the perfect place for you if you plan to take your sweetheart on a hot air balloon ride or to experience a camelback riding together, or to spend a whole evening listening to the exotic music around a campfire. You can visit Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, and woo your lover amidst the diverse beauty of Rajasthan. Rajasthan has everything necessary for a grand honeymoon, exotic view, lavish and comfortable hotels, delicious cuisine, magnificent ‘Havelis’, desert camps, and tent facilities. Each corner of Rajasthan is full of unexplored vistas. From desert to hills, from the lake to dunes, you can find a lot of sweet places here. The Aravalli Range and the lake, Nakki, in Mount Abu, create a romantic background for your first trip as a newlywed couple. With excellent local cuisine, Rajasthan is not only unrealistic but also an excellent option for those couples who are searching for budget-friendly honeymoon destinations.

India is full of charismatic places. Besides the obvious ones, there are a plethora of spots where you can steam off with your love of life. You can forget little details of your dating days, or about the little happy moments or your marriage. (Tramadol) But, a magical honeymoon will always be a thing that you would remember entirely. So, get up! It is time to stop dreaming about a romantic honeymoon and make your dream a reality. Choose a spot and paint it with the color of love.

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