The Ultimate Greek Honeymoon
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The Ultimate Greek Honeymoon

How about starting the phase of your life with an exotic vacation? Imagine you and your partner enjoying the Mediterranean climate with olive gardens, hills and those stunning beaches around. Yes, we are talking about Greece. You can plan an extremely romantic honeymoon in this country where there is beauty all around you.

Greece is a land of rich history and culture that dates back to several thousand years. We all have read stories of the Greek empires, artists and philosophers. The Western civilization was born from the lap of Greek civilization as per experts. You can visit Greece at any time of the year. However, July to August is the peak season and you won’t want such a crowd to jeopardize the romantic effect of your honeymoon. You should, therefore, visit in June or September. This is the off-season with lesser crowd. You will also get several discounts on tours and hotels during this season.

In this article, we will list the most exotic destinations in Greece for you to choose from. These are all exotic locations and you are going to get spoilt for choice here.

  1. Santorini

The official name of Santorini is Thera and is one of the most exotic locations all over the world. The original name of this place was Kallista, which refers to the most beautiful one. There was a volcanic eruption hundreds of years ago and hence a piece of land broke into pieces. These are now all different islands, collectively called Santorini.

Santorini is famous for the deep blue sea waters that surround the small islands. The cliffs make a boundary to the beaches that have sand in so many different colors. Imagine its summer and you can see the vineyards on the small islands. What a picture-perfect scenario! Can it get more romantic? Well, we don’t think so. Besides, Santorini is also known for its delicious food.


  • Nea Kameni volcano
  • Prehistoric Museum of Thera
  • Palia Kameni thermal springs
  • Finikia Wineries
  1. Napflio

The city of Napflio is located in the eastern part of Peloponnese. It is brimming with mythology and history and people say that Poseidon, the Sea God’s some had built it. Napflio is full of ancient buildings, castles of the medieval age, statues, monuments, Neo-classical or Venetian buildings, and Ottoman fountains.

You cannot have a more beautiful honeymoon. Hold your partner’s hands and walk along the Arvanitia Promenade. You can also enjoy swimming in the Arvanitia beaches. The other beaches here are, Karathonas, Miloi, Kiveri, and Nea Kios. The city is about 95 kilometers from the capital city of Athens. You can transit by car or bus easily.


  • The Venetian Fortress of Bourtzi
  • Palamidi Hill
  • War Museum
  • Akronapflia
  • Syntagma Square
  1. Monemvasia

Also known as the Castle Town, Monemvasia has an exciting story behind its origin. People say that this city was built by carving out the back of a single rock. The other side of the rock was the guard to restrict any intruders from entering the city. Monemvasia is now connected through roadways but it was different before. In the earlier days, people could come to Monemvasia only through boats and other water transport. Monemvasia means ‘single entrance’.

There is plenty of scenic beauty in Monemvasia. It is known as the Castle Town mainly because of the beautiful Byzantine castle. This city has an essence of several cultures such as Byzantine, Frankish, Ottoman, and Venetian. This diversity has become the USP of this island. (Modafinil) You can either get there by ferry if it is during the summers. Otherwise, you can avail a cruise or a bus.


  • Christos Elkomenos Square
  • Kastania cave and fortress
  • Agia Sophia church
  1. Spetses

This town has become a favorite honeymoon destination as it oozes romance from every corner. Be it the romantic long walks, horse carriages or just the locations, there is romance everywhere. The government here does not allow private vehicles on the road. As a result, the place looks clean and not congested at all. the main means of transportation are walking, motorcycles, ho9rse-carriages, mopeds, and bicycles.

The town of Spetses is also historically significant besides the mesmerizing beauty around. The national flag of Greece after independence was hoisted over here in 1821. Spetses also has naval history to share with its visitors. The navy is so important here that as a tribute, every year the local people enact “amarta” which is a naval battle. Athletic events are a common part of Spetses and water sports is a highlight due to the beaches and sea over here. You can reach this town from Piraeus, Agina, Hydra, and Poros by ferry or bus.


  • Armata festival
  • Ayios Nikolaos Catherdral
  • Hatzigiannis Mexis House
  • Beaches and Bouboulina House
  1. Rhodes Island

One awesome fact about Rhodes Island is that no matter when you visit this place, you will always be greeted by sunshine and clear, blue skies. The beaches are unique with the smooth, turquoise blue water against the golden, sandy beaches.

The villages and towns on this island are the perfect combinations of traditional meets modern. There is still a medieval feeling to this island with all the ancient landmarks and architecture. The Grandmaster Palace and cobbled stone streets are going to take you back to that time when Greece was ruled by the monarchs. You can come to Rhodes Island by ferry and also take a flight from all important airports such as Athens and Thessaloniki.


  • Grand Master Palace
  • Mt. Ataviros
  • Archangelos
  • Lindos City
  1. Lesbos

This is the third-largest island in Greece and a perfect honeymoon location. The government of Lesbos implements very strict rules on tourism activities to protect its ecosystems. Everything starting from the beaches to the seas, the olive gardens and the flora and fauna. There is a beautiful forest that covers the Sigri-Antissa-Erresos region out here. It was petrified due to a volcanic eruption about 20 million years ago. Now, the forest is an ancient Greek monument and a national heritage too. You can take a boat from Piraeus to Lesbos.


  • West Lesbos Petrified forest
  • Molyvos Castle
  • Panagia Glykofilousa church
  • Agiasos Village

Final thoughts:

In most of the cases, this is the first time you will travel with your partner. A lot of understanding and effort should be put in when you fix the location. This list is going to make the task easier for you. These are all top-rated romantic locations of Greece for your Hollywood honeymoon.

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