Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in 2019
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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in 2019

Every girl has a dream destination in her mind where she wishes to go for her honeymoon with her better half. This is also applicable for men as well. Besides, it is not necessary that you need to go to the hills or beaches only for honeymoon. Looking around the world there are a good number of honeymoon destinations for the newly wedded couple. If you are wondering where to go for honeymoon then here are the top 5 honeymoon destinations for you. Here you can cherish all the amazing beauty of nature from different aspects. One thing which you need to keep in mind and that is the budget of our honeymoon. Choose your destination and plan accordingly.

Top Honeymoon Destinations


The rich history of Greece is a huge attraction for tourists to visit this beautiful destination. For honeymoon purpose, it is an appropriate destination due to the mesmerizing landscape and the creative artwork. Another reason for Greece being popular among visitors is its food. Newly wedded couples opt for Greece as their honeymoon destination because of Santorini. This spot is a major attraction because of its whitewash surroundings. Andronis is the most beautiful place to stay at Santorini. The beautiful cave pools and their very own way of presenting the best cuisines of Greece have made this place a couple-friendly stay.  Exploring the towns of Greece is such an amazing activity. ( You will fall in love with all the beauty they offer to you.

The places you visit in Greece have a story to narrate. All the mythologies we’ve read in books come into life when you are walking down the lanes of Greece. Folegandros Island is another beautiful spot to spend a couple of days. Lying at the edge of the Aegean Sea, this spot is a blissful spot. The combination of black cliffs on the background and white sand beaches is an amazing view to witness.

Sunnmøre Alps &Lofoten, Western Norway

If you and your spouse are deeply into nature then this might be the perfect honeymoon destination for you. Lofoten’s Alpine region in Western Norway is the perfect destination for you. The Sunnmøre Alps is a great landscape to watch as it is a magnificent chain of peaks. You can surf, hike, go for a whale safari and sail in this region. It is a wonderful place for couples to spend some great time together. You can also rent a private yacht to ski on the mountains if you are little inclined to adventures.

Besides, you can be lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights if you visit this destination at the right time. Spend some quality time with your spouse and a bottle of champagne in a completely secluded glacial peak. One of the best seasons to visit Lofoten is during the summer season to witness the midnight sun. A great experience for newly wedded couples here in Western Norway. You just cannot miss such natural beauty around you if you are a true nature lover. It is the best gift for you and your partner.

Puglia, Italy

Puglia is a dream destination for newly wedded couples and a great beauty of nature. This spot is where you will be able to fulfill all your romantic wishes. It is a gem where you can visit at any time during the year. No matter when you are getting your wedding ceremony done, this destination will always be on the honeymoon destination list. At Puglia, you’ll be able to witness the beauty of Italy’s finest beaches. The Borgo Egnazia resort is the most popular place to stay at Puglia. It has a huge olive grove and a garden filled with jasmine and bougainvillea which is perfect for setting a romantic ambiance. You will be able to cherish the mesmerizing view of the Adriatic from here.

The town of Alberobello is a UNESCO heritage spot due to its stone huts and Trulli buildings. Apart from this, you would love the local food, which is simply mouthwatering. Next, you can visit Ostuni which is also famous or beautiful beaches as well.


This small island is a major attraction for honeymoon couples. It is a perfect spot for fun, adventure and lots of romantic memories. The resorts and hotels over here have such a great ambiance for honeymooners. The Kendwa beach is a major attraction due to its silken sands. TumbatuIsland is another beautiful spot with a hint of adventure. Have you ever tried snorkeling with your spouse? If not, then is where you should head for your honeymoon. This place is also known as the island capital of Stone Town.


There are no words to describe this place. It is a heavenly destination and newly wedded couples must opt for this spot as it is completely natural. It is a combination of mesmerizing landscapes, adventurous activities, beautiful weather, and some delicious food. You can ski down the old glaciers, relax in the natural hot springs, etc. It is all you need for your honeymoon. You don’t even have to stress about transport as it is a 5 hours journey from New York City. Traveling to Iceland has much more to offer you, such as shimmering glaciers of Vatnajökull National Park, mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon, boutiques of Laugavegur in Reykjavik, etc.

This place is one of the most easily accessible spots on earth. You can also cherish the view of Northern Lights from here. Apart from these, you can hop in for some adventures like climbing the glacial wonderland of Sólheimajökull, a quad bike ride at Reykjavik and Jökulsárlón jeep excursion. All of it is enough to pump the adrenalin in your body. You can also spend some quality time in the calm natural landscapes of Iceland with your loved one.

The above are the most opted romantic destinations for an exciting and memorable honeymoon. These are the places where you can bond with your spouse and enjoy the gift of nature. So, have you shortlisted your destination?

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