How to Match your Shoes with your Dress

How to Match your Shoes with your Dress

Matching your shoes to your outfit can feel a little old fashioned. The look was first popularised back in the 1960s, with Jackie Kennedy wearing it, who could deny it looked great? Although it’s not the predominant styling choice for the modern woman, this trend never slipped away entirely. Matching shoes with dresses are actually a favourite of the British royal family. The clean, precise vibe always looks put together and it can be really stylish when it’s done right. If you love the idea of a matchy-matchy ensemble, but you’re not quite sure how to execute it, follow these tips on how to modernise the matching dress and shoe outfit:

Go one shade darker

The hardest part of matching your shoes with your dress is getting the colour exactly right. If one is slightly cooler than the other, the whole thing looks off. A way to avoid the stress of hunting down the precise shade match is to find shoes that are darker! This way you’ll get all the elegance of a matching ensemble, without the neurosis.

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Be monochromatic

Another play on a matching ensemble is to choose one colour in differing tones. Let’s say you’ve got a fire engine red dress, wear it with oxblood toned shoes, a softer, muted red handbag and a classic red lip. This is a statement that once again doesn’t add stress. This looks very contemporary, just remember to be restrained with your beauty look, slicked-back hair and a couple of coats of mascara will be all you need to carry this outfit.

Switch up the material

If you’re set on paring the exact same toned shoes and dress together, why not get playful with your choice of material? This is an interesting way to break up a solid, block colour look. If you’re wearing a cotton or linen dress, add some textural interest with sheen satin or suede shoes. This adds texture to your look and updates the trend ever so slightly – without losing the Jackie K vibe.

Use patterns

This doesn’t only concern solid colours! If you love a statement look and you’re down to be bold, consider matching patterns! There are so many options out there, a few examples include polka-dots (very vintage), stripes, paisley and even leopard print. Animal prints are such a staple at the moment, matching shoes and outfits are a cool way to lean into the trend and make it your own.

Match in your every day too!

With all the talk of first ladies and royalty, it can be easy to think that this fashion statement is reserved for dinner parties, formal office attire and meeting with the leaders of the free world. Don’t be mistaken, you can definitely bring this style into your everyday casual and workwear! A creamy boot worn with a white chino and a crisp, neutral tee is a great example of matching shoes and outfits, in a casual setting.

When in doubt, go dark!

Maybe you love the sound of matching looks, but you’re still not confident enough to actually take the dive and do it. The answer? Wear black. You simply cannot go wrong with an entirely black look, from dress to shoes, it looks good. You’ll feel stylish, put together and sophisticated immediately.

Hopefully, these modernised versions of matching footwearand dresses have got you feeling inspired to pull off your own monochromatic look. Although it is a strong statement, it’s guaranteed to make you feel majorly stylish and powerful – even if you’re just wearing it to meet a mate for a coffee.


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