How to Style Oversized Shirt
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How to Style Oversized Shirt & Other Clothing Items In 2023?

If you don’t live under a rock, you must have noticed the hype around oversized shirt. Everyone is obsessed with them. The early 2000s saw people wearing tight, body-fitted clothes and the 2020s are seeing baggy clothes. Whether you like them or not, they are in style and can make anyone look amazing. Want to know how to style oversized shirt and other clothing items? Keep reading!

What are oversized shirts?

Oversized shirts are basically a very loose fit. They are comfortable apparels that will look baggy anywhere who wears them. The goal of wearing oversized shirt is to look and feel comfortable yet chic and formal at the same time. You might be wondering how wearing baggy clothes can be chic. We are here to tell you why people are going crazy to learn about how to style oversized shirts and other clothing items.

Why are they trendy?

The very basic reason why oversized shirts are trendy is that they are very size-friendly. No matter how small or big you are, there is something for everyone. The fashion industry has not always been very nice to people who do not match society’s body standards. This is exactly why oversized shirts are trendy. Besides, they are not stiff like other clothes. They do not stick to your body causing you discomfort. Oversized shirts are very comfortable to wear. You can practically live in them. Moreover, how oversized shirts are designed always makes you look fashionable.

How to Style Oversized Shirt

How to Style Oversized Shirt?

Knowing How To Style Oversized Shirts helps a lot as they are affordable and versatile. Oversized shirts can be worn to work, dinner, parties, and even to a wedding if you know how to style them properly. And we are here to help you with that exactly.

The first step towards styling oversized shirts is to buy a few. We would suggest you buy oversized shirts in basic colors like white black, cream, sky blue, and pink. Then you can style them with various other apparel.

Ideas on How To Style Oversized Shirt

Formal wear:

The first idea is to style oversized shirts for formal places like work. Many people think you can’t wear baggy clothes to work but that is not always true.

When you are going to work or a formal event, you can tuck in a blue oversized shirt with khaki pants or trousers. To give it a more professional look, put a coat or blazer over it. If your workplace has flexible rules, you can pair oversized shirts in other colors with pants as well.

Another way you can wear them to a formal space is by just wearing a white oversized shirt with baggy jeans if your workplace allows it. If you are a woman, pair your oversized shirts with pencil skirts on some days.

Some people are allowed to be creative in their workplace. If you are as well, you can go big. Wear a white oversized shirt with printed and fitted pants or with ripped jeans. You can also wear a colorful flare skirt and pair it with a tucked oversized white shirt.

Informal wear

If you are just going out with friends, the most basic way you can style an oversized shirt is by wearing it with flare jeans.

But you can also wear them over mini skirts. Besides, if you are a fan of layering clothes, you might even try layering an oversized shirt with a crop top. Wear an oversized shirt and then wear a tank top or crop top over it. Then for bottoms, wear a skirt or pants of choice. Remember to tuck both the shirt and the tank or crop top in. Accessorize your outfit and you’re good to go.

Moreover, oversized shirts can work great with a few dresses as well. If you have a dress with thick straps for sleeves, you can wear an oversized shirt underneath it. You can do this only if your dress is loose-fitting.

A trendy way of styling an oversized shirt is by layering one with a corset. For instance, if you have a black oversized shirt, layer it with a red or white corset top. For bottoms, you can go with a fitted skirt or a pair of fitted pants.

Five oversized clothes you must have in your closet in 2023

  1. An oversized white shirt. They are easy to style and go with almost anything. You can wear them under sleeveless dresses or wear them with a skirt. There are endless outfits you can create with a good oversized white shirt.
  2. An oversized sweatshirt in a colour that suits you the most. This is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing and if you get it in a colour that suits you, you can style them endless times. Wear them with pants, or skirts or lounge around in them at home. You can wear them anywhere, anytime.
  3. An oversized pair of black pants. It is a great fashion investment as you can wear the pair with t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, and much more. They are comfortable and you can wear them to multiple places including work and picnics.
  4. An oversized beige trench coat. A good oversized trench coat will make your outfit look great even though without it, you thought it was basic. It adds colour to your look, keeps you warm, and gets you compliments on how fancy you look.
  5. A pair of oversized baggy-looked ripped jeans. These are perfect for casual hang outings like grocery runs, movie dates, and lunch. Style the jeans with adorable tops and sneakers.

How to Style Oversized Shirt

Conclusive Insights

We will end our article on how to style oversized shirt here. If you were wondering how to style oversized shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, jeans, or coats, we hope to have been of help. Oversized shirts are the trend now and you should embrace them to look fabulous. Long gone are the days when you had to wear tight and uncomfortable clothes to look good. Now you can slay your look anywhere with your oversized shirt. No more tight shirts to be worn as the only formal, reach your comfort and slay it!

What did you think of our article about how to style oversized shirt and other clothing items? Which oversized piece of clothing are you going to style next? Let us know in the comments below.

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