8 Dakota Johnson Street Style Ideas You Can Follow in 2023

Dakota Johnson is a popular face in Hollywood. She got global popularity after doing the Fifty Shades series. (Tramadol) However, that’s not the only thing people love about her. Most fans also follow Dakota Johnson street style and casual style.

Johnson was born in 1989 in Texas. Both of her parents are famous actors; Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. She started her acting career at the age of 10 in the movie called Crazy in Alabama.

Dakota played various roles in several movies including A Bigger Splash, How to Be Single, Fifty Shades, The Peanut Butter Falcon, The Lost Daughter, and more. Because of her outstanding performance, she won several awards such as the People’s Choice Award and MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Besides her acting career, Johnson is quite popular for her fashion. Be it a red carpet or a casual interview, people love her unique dressing style. In fact, many people are influenced by her.

If you are one of them, we can help you choose the best Dakota Johnson street style ideas. We have done some research and found the best casual outfit ideas. Keep reading the article to know more.

Top Dakota Johnson Street Style Ideas

As we noted before, Dakota is very popular for her fashion. If you want to follow her, there are various options available. In the following list, we will share the best Dakota Johnson street style ideas that can help you out. Let’s find out:

1. Pair of Loafers

Not men but loafers are getting popular among women. What we loved about Dakota is she always tries to do something unique. In this case, you can see she often wears a pair of loafers. In fact, many women are loving loafers nowadays.

The best part is you can wear them with anything and for all occasions. And there are various types of loafers available in the market. In fact, you can get the best pair from an online store.

2. Oversized Outerwear

There are so many options available when we are talking about Dakota Johnson street style ideas. One thing we noticed is that Johnson often wears oversized outerwear. She always matches oversized outerwear with other clothes which gives a perfect street style outcome.

Well, wearing oversized outerwear isn’t the only thing. You can style it with other clothes and accessories. In this case, a pair of ripped jeans and a simple t-shirt will go well. Moreover, you can wear boots to add extra flavor. Choosing a color depends on your personal choice.

3. Layering

Whether you are visiting your friends or going to a party, layering is essential when it’s chilly outside. Johnson once wore a classic sweater with a black skirt. Hence, it was an unexpected pairing but she rocked the style.

Moreover, we have noticed how she loves to layer her clothes, especially during winter. Hence, Dakota also tries out summer dresses with sweaters which are quite unique in the fashion world.

If you want to follow this style, you can also add more things. It will give you the best outcome.

4. Leather Jacket

A leather jacket will never go out of fashion. And Dakota added something new by wearing different leather jackets. The best part about a leather jacket is you can wear it with everything, be it a dress or even a casual outfit.

If you research, you can find Johnson also follows the same style. She wears leather jackets with everything. The best part is there are so many options available in the market when we are talking about leather jackets. You can either visit a local shop or buy one from an online store.

5. White Lace Top

If you are looking for something casual yet trendy, you can try out Dakota’s this white lace top. Well, Dakota wore this amazing lace top for an event. She paired it with a pair of black trousers.

This white lace top is quite popular yet trendy. You can get different styles as well. In fact, there are different colors available as well. Well, you can wear this lace top with various things such as ripped jeans or a skirt.

6. Satin Jumpsuit

Well when we are talking about the best Dakota Johnson street style ideas, we can’t exclude this satin jumpsuit. The best part is this satin jumpsuit goes well for all occasions.

In simple words, it gives a classic yet trendy look. Well, the jumpsuit doesn’t fit with the street style, but you can wear it for a casual occasion or even for a night out. Choose your favorite accessories that go well with this satin jumpsuit.

7. Bustier With Leather Pants

Are you looking for something that can rock the street? In this case, you have to go for this bustier with leather pants. Bustier isn’t a complete street fashion but you can wear it with a long coat or even a leather jacket.

Well, wearing these bustier and leather pants can give you a classy look. The best part is you don’t need to wear extra things as well. Just wear accessories as per your preference to get the best look.

8. Black Suit With Bra Top

When you are looking for a casual yet classy outfit, you have to go for Dakota’s this black suit with a bra top. Even though Johnson wore this outfit for an event, it’s ideal for a night out or a date.

The black suit is ideal for minimalists as it gives a street-style vibe. In fact, you can wear this black suit with a simple top or sweater instead of a bra top. Wear some minimal accessories to add more flavor.


Dakota’s street style is very famous alongside her acting career. That’s why many fans often follow what she’s wearing. We have covered the top outfit ideas in this article. If you want to know more, you can search online as well. There are various resources available here.


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