Your Guide to Dressing for Summer Weddings

 Analysts predict that there will be a whopping 2.6 million weddings in the US in 2022 alone so when it’s time for you to become a wedding guest (whether for the first or hundredth time) and the event falls in the summer months, there are a few general guidelines you’ll want to follow to make sure you make the most of the event (and aren’t too uncomfortable to enjoy the ceremony). Yes, summer weddings come with their own unique challenges for brides, grooms, and guests, but if you ace your outfit selection, you can be sure to enjoy the celebration in style and comfort. Before you show up at the venue, here are a few things to remember when it comes to picking wedding guest dresses.

It’s Getting Hot In (or Out) Here

To get married in the summer means bright and bursting floral selections to choose from, sunny backlit venues, green fields spanning the horizon behind your wedding arch, long lazy hours of light to schedule your ceremony around, and soft pastel wedding guest clothes. Summer weddings are undeniably gorgeous. They are also hot. And if the marrying couple chooses to host an outdoor wedding during the daytime, be prepared to be a little warm. With this in mind, you need to wear something lightweight that doesn’t have too much material. Going for something sleeveless and flowy is a smart choice. Remember that summer days are long and warm, but that doesn’t mean the night won’t cool down significantly. It’s always best to come prepared for a change in temperature as the reception party lingers on, so don’t forget your wrap or cardigan at home.

Reformation’s Marguerite Silk Dress in Cyanotype


Reformation’s Daytona Silk Dress in Cafe

Reformation’s Veria Silk Dress in Tarragon

Reformation’s Stassi Dress in Cherry

Bring On the Colors and Patterns

Summer and spring weddings generally see color schemes in bright happy pastels, versus the winter and fall weddings’ darker jewel tones and autumnal shades. This applies to guest’s outfits as well. If you’ve been collecting a proud assembly of soft and prettily shaded dresses, now is your time to break them out. We love a good baby blue or sherbet pink or cheery yellow dress for a wedding. And let’s not forget patterns! From florals to polka dots to abstract geometric prints, summer weddings are great places to unveil that adorable print you’ve been saving. It’s a bright and cheery scene. The happy couple is getting married! You get to celebrate them! You’re wearing chartreuse! All is good in the world.

Reformation’s Andee Dress in Florist

Reformation’s Lecce Dress in Teacup

Reformation’s Butterfly Dress in Verde

Reformation’s Celestia Dress in Hayden

Mini Dresses Keep You Cool . . . 

You can’t go wrong with a sweet and flirty mini dress. Mini lengths may help you stay physically cool in the heat of the summer sun, but let’s be honest, they also keep you feeling cool as a cucumber. Your legs get to breathe, which they’ll thank you for after months spent in leggings and warm tights. There are plenty of fun mini dress variations, so don’t think that there’s only one silhouette you can wear. We adore a babydoll mini dress as much as a form fitting one, and then there are the different skirt styles. From a fitted shape along the legs to something twirlable and flouncy to any skirt style you can imagine, mini dresses are a look you can wear with pride.

Reformation’s Simon Dress in Cherry

Reformation’s Tivoli Dress in Black/Perfume

Reformation’s Christine Dress in Bordeaux

Reformation’s Rudi Silk Dress in Quant

. . . But Maxi Dresses Keep You Chic

You also can’t go wrong with a sophisticated maxi dress. Or, any length in the middle. Really, any length from mini to maxi and in-between is perfect for a summer wedding as long as you stick to lightweight or flowy fabrics. Maxi dresses made of soft and gauzy fabric can provide a nice breeze. They’re especially cool if you opt for a leg slit (and why wouldn’t you?). Both styles give you ample room for versatility, so you can play around with necklines, sleeves, fabrics, colors, details, and silhouettes. You know, the important stuff.

Reformation’s Winslow Dress in Emerald

Reformation’s Edessa Dress in Cherry

Reformation’s Birch Silk Dress in Artichoke

Reformation’s Tripoli Dress in Corvette

We adore a summer wedding almost as much as a spring, or a winter, or a fall ceremony. Okay, it’s not easy to select a favorite since they all have their distinctive charm. If the happy couple-to-be in your social circle invites you to their summer wedding, you should be tickled pink. You’re going to get to wear one of your gorgeous gorgeous gowns in dazzling colors, flowy shapes, and comfy fabrics. Just be sure to choose something you can dance in. What are weddings if not a great dance?

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