Ways to Care for Your Elderly at Nursing Homes

You must have heard the saying, ‘ age is just a number.’ This is true for any elderly person with the mental and physical energy to stay engaged with life. However, when it comes to elderly care, age does matter. As our loved ones age, their needs change, and so should the level of care they receive. Nursing homes provide a safe and secure environment for older adults who can no longer care for themselves.

When considering whether a nursing home is the right option for your elderly loved one, it’s essential to research the facility thoroughly. Here are a few tips to help you find the best nursing home for your elderly family member. 

  1. Ensure that the facility is accredited and licensed. 

Check that the facility meets the state’s nursing home standards. Many states offer information about the licensing and accreditation of nursing homes on their websites. Most facilities post these records in the lobby and will provide them upon request. Furthermore, review any online reviews and ratings of the facility. However, you must be careful that the reviews are unbiased. The reason may be that nursing homes can be vulnerable to biased reviews.

The Division of Health Care Quality monitors and licenses nursing homes in several states. However, in some cases, there are cases of negligence, abuse, and mistreatment. So, investigate this carefully before choosing a nursing home for your elderly family member. And if there’s a case of negligence, abuse, or mistreatment reported in the facility, you must get in touch with the Nursing Home Abuse Justice Center. You can have a complimentary case review for legal consultation and guidance. And if there’s a case of abuse, you should also contact the local police department.

  1. Look for amenities and activities. 

Nursing homes should be more than just a place for care. Health is not just about medical treatment but also the quality of life. When inspecting a nursing home, ensure that there are several amenities and activities that older adults can enjoy. These may include exercise classes, socialization opportunities, gardening, pet therapy, art classes, etc.

Furthermore, many nursing homes now offer interactive activities that keep the mind engaged and alert. These may include virtual reality games, puzzles, memory, and board games. Such activities can help older adults stay connected with their family and friends, leading to better mental and physical health. However, you must ensure that professionals monitor these activities and that any potential issues are addressed immediately.

  1. Check for quality care staff. 

The quality of care staff is a significant factor in the success of any nursing home. So, find out how many people manage and care for the elderly. Also, check if the staff members have special certifications and qualifications for looking after seniors. Ensure all the staff members are patient and kind to the elderly.

In addition, check if the staff members interact with the elderly regularly. This will give you an idea of how professional and dedicated they are to their job. Also, look for any signs of neglect or mistreatment by the staff members. It’s best to speak with some patients or their families to get detailed insights on the staff members.

  1. Check the food options. 

The quality of meals is another essential factor to consider while looking for a nursing home. Check if there’s a dietician or nutritionist that helps in designing meals for older adults. The diet should be healthy and nutritious, with various food options. 

Besides that, check if the dining area is clean and comfortable. Also, make sure that food preparation adheres to safety standards. Furthermore, ensure that all the food is prepared according to dietary instructions and allergies. And if older adults have difficulty eating, they must receive meal assistance. For example, many nursing homes offer pre-cut meals, specially designed utensils, and other mealtime modifications. 

  1. Inquire about the cost. 

Different nursing homes have different rates for their services. And the cost can often be a deciding factor for many people. So, inquire about the fees before making your final decision. It’s also important to know what is included in the cost and if there are any hidden fees. 

In addition, inquire about any insurance plans that the nursing home accepts. This can help reduce the overall cost of care. Also, check if there are any discounts or financial assistance programs available. Finally, ask the nursing home about their payment plans and policies. This will help you plan for future expenses. 

  1. Look for comfort and convenience. 

Once you check all the necessary aspects of a nursing home, you should also ensure they offer comfort and convenience. This includes a clean and home-like environment with well-maintained furniture and equipment. Additionally, check if the nursing home provides any privacy to its residents. And make sure that there is emergency care and support available at all times. 

All these factors are essential to consider when selecting a nursing home for the elderly. By ensuring that all these requirements are met, you can be confident that the person will get quality care and live happily in their new home. 

  1. Ask about health and safety protocols. 

It’s also important to ask the nursing home about their health and safety protocols. Ask if the staff members receive regular training on handling medical emergencies or any other type of incident. Also, inquire about their safety and security measures, including fire safety plans. And make sure that the nursing home has an emergency plan to evacuate the elderly in case of a disaster. 

Finally, check if the nursing home has a doctor or nurse on-site at all times. This is especially important if the person has any special medical needs. By ensuring that all these requirements are met, you can be sure that the person will get quality care and live happily in the nursing home. 


Selecting a nursing home for an elderly person is a big decision and requires a lot of research and consideration. To ensure that the person receives quality care, you should look for certain features such as professional staff, a clean environment, nutritious food options, privacy, and comfort. Also, inquire about the cost, insurance plans, financial assistance programs, and payment plans. Additionally, ask about the health and safety protocols, emergency care, and support available at the nursing home. By doing your due diligence, you can be sure that the person will receive quality care and live happily in their new home. 

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