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The Woman Behind the Champ: Get to Know Devin Haney Girlfriend

Devin Haney is a talented American professional boxer who has been making waves in the boxing world. The 23-year-old lightweight boxer is known for his quick reflexes and his exceptional footwork, which has helped him achieve a record of 25 wins and 0 losses in his professional boxing career. Haney is considered one of the best young boxers in the world, and many boxing fans are excited to see what the future holds for him. However, despite his success in the ring, Haney’s private life is a topic of much speculation and interest among fans. In particular, many are curious about Devin Haney girlfriend.

Who is Devin Haney girlfriend?

Very little information is available about Devin Haney girlfriend, and the boxer has been tight-lipped about his personal life. He never shared his personal data and relationship status on social media, and there have been no reports of him being seen with a significant other in public. As a result, it is unclear who Devin Haney girlfriend is or even if he is currently in a relationship.

Devin Haney’s Dating History

As little information about Devin Haney girlfriend is available, let us learn about his previous relationships. Devin’s most recent relationship was in 2021 when he dated India Love Westbrooks. If you have not heard of her, she is a social media celebrity and has over 5 million followers on Instagram. She is 25 years and two years older than Devin.

Devin confessed that he was dating India Love and made it public by displaying their love through the images they shared on their respective social media channels. India Love posted a video on her Insta account where she is seen receiving a bouquet of flowers from Devin. Further, the couple stated that they had known each other since they were 16.

However, before India Love became Devin Haney girlfriend, he had been in multiple relationships. A point to be noted here is that the relationships were short lived. For instance, he dated Kris Summers, who is a social media star and a model. As it was his first relationship, much information about the details of their relationship is unavailable. Moreover, the source who revealed it was anonymous.

Devin was also found to be in a relationship with Blac Chyna, an online influencer and rapper. The news broke out when she posted a message on her Instagram with a “Hi Honey!” caption. The post garnered a lot of attention because the couple decided to make their relationship public given that they have a significant age gap. However, we have no details about his breakup with Kris Summers.

Another piece of news that rounded during the pandemic is that Devin Haney girlfriend is Lira Galore! Although there is not much credible information available, the word is that he dated Lira, the Instagram influencer during the pandemic. Furthermore, the duo flew to Cabo for a romantic holiday. During their stay at El Pedregal, Mexico, the rumor was that a mansion was pre-booked for their arrival and entertainment.

Given the lack of information about Devin Haney girlfriend and current relationship status, it is only possible to know a little about his personal life and the truth. The young boxer has focused on his career and never had been in the public eye for romantic scandals.

There are few details about his breakups with India Love or Lira Galore! It is because none of them commented while they were dating or during their split up. Also, Devin was found to be in plenty of relationships in his past. ( For instance, he was instantly linked to Blac Chyna when the rumors of fallout came out between him and India Love.

About Devin Haney’s Parents

April and Bill Haney were blessed with a child in 1998. He was named Devin Haney, and the family consisted of two younger sisters and an elder brother. Devin acquired boxing skills from early childhood, trained by his father, who himself was a noted boxing player. His father was born in 1979 in Oregon and spent his entire childhood there.

Devin’s parents were divorced shortly after he was born due to a few difficulties. Nevertheless, the two did not ever miss an occasion to be with their son. They always provided the support he needed, along with love and care. He often states that he always respects their parents even though they are no longer together. He often points out that his parents gave him everything a child needs and molded him into the person he is today. Devin’s parents are proud of his achievements.

Devin Haney’s Focus on Boxing

Devin Haney’s focus on his boxing career has likely played a significant role in his decision to keep his personal life private. The young boxer is one of the most talented in the world and is considered one of the sport’s rising stars. He has worked hard to get to where he is today, and his dedication to his craft is evident in every fight he takes part in. Unfortunately, as a result, Haney is likely focused on his boxing career, and he may have little time or energy to devote to a romantic relationship at this time.


Despite the speculation and interest in Devin Haney’s personal life, the young boxer has been tight-lipped about his relationship status. Very little information is available about who he is dating. As a result, it is still being determined if he is currently in a relationship. Given his focus on his boxing career, it is likely that Haney is not looking for a romantic relationship at this time, and he may need more time or energy to devote to one in the future.

Regardless, Haney’s fans will undoubtedly continue to follow his career with interest. Many will be excited to see what the future holds for this talented young boxer. However, we will keep you updated about Devin Haney girlfriend. We will also continue to update the post as and when we receive credible information about his personal, romantic life.

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