Widow dating site: yes or no?

There is no fun in being a widower or a widow. Experiencing the loss of your partner is always hard. They say time cures but unfortunately, it doesn’t. You will hardly be able to forget about it. However, you can learn to live with it and start a new parallel life.

Although you may tackle the search for your new life partner, there are plenty of options that would help. One of them is a widow dating site that facilitates your personal life and saves plenty of time. There is nothing easier than looking for your better half online. If you do not feel comfortable going out and have dates after your loss yet, starting online would be a great idea. 

However, how successful and effective a widow dating site can be? Like any other method of dating, this one has its virtues and downsides. It may be suitable for you or might not be. Let’s try to understand the perks and shortcomings of using widow dating sites right now. 

The perks of using a widow dating site

Being a widower means having a very sad and painful experience. Plenty of people get stuck inside themselves and have no wish to start a new relationship. Moreover, they have a sense of guilt for even thinking about it. You are afraid that someone is going to see you outside with another person and judge you. Those could be your common friends with your spouse or the members of her family, etc. 

There is nothing wrong with it and everyone who experienced the loss of a dearly beloved partner goes through that. This is why a widow dating site could be right for you. It will deprive you of that feeling. You will be able to be involved in the dating scene again without being scared that someone is going to see you with another person. Of course, widow dating websites have plenty of other benefits.

Other people on a dating site understand you

When joining a specific platform for widows and widowers, you are sure that everyone on such a dating site had the same experience. Unlike many other people who do not understand what you really went through, all the candidates on widow dating sites know it very well. 

It means that you will hardly need to explain your emotions to anyone. This should not be even discussed. With divorced people or those who have never been married, there is sometimes the following issue. They may be jealous of you because of your deceased partner. 

They simply cannot understand why you are not able to get rid of those photos in your house or stop recalling your spouse. That is normal, do not blame them for that. It doesn’t mean those people are bad. They just did not experience the same. 

It is a great start

If you cannot start going out and asking or accepting date requests yet, joining a widow dating site would be a great idea. First of all, it saves plenty of time. It is especially effective if you have children. In this case, you do not need to look for a babysitter to go out and meet someone. You can start communicating with people even when you are with your children.

Secondly, it is a very good start after such a long break. You will not feel embarrassed to have a physical date and can get used to communicating with other people. Talking to someone online is easier than in real life. Of course, in some time, you will need to go on a real date but you still have time to get used to it. You won’t even notice how motivated you will be to see someone after that.

The downsides of widow dating sites

Just like this way of dating someone has its perks, it has its pitfalls as well. Remember that nothing is perfect. When being a widower, especially if your late spouse was perfect in your understanding, you may lose consciousness and get trapped easily. Here are a few things to beware of when being a member of a widow dating site:

  • Not all people on dating portals have serious intentions;
  • You risk getting stuck online more than expected;
  • Instead of your life partner, you may be looking for a chatting friend who understands you well;
  • They may be expensive.

Unfortunately, not all users of such dating websites are pure and really looking for dating and love. There are plenty of intruders who may abuse your trust to reach their not very sincere goals. Since online communication is much easier and smoother than in your everyday life, you may not be willing to move to reality. 

To avoid this, try to ask the person you really like out to get to know her in real life. Very often, people do not meet our expectations. You do not know whether the person on the other part of the screen is sincere or she just wants you to like her. Meeting in a public place for a true date as soon as possible would be the right decision. 

The bottom line

Widow dating sites could be a good decision if you want to start your love life again. However, you should not restrict yourself to such specific dating platforms. There are plenty of dating sites such as SofiaDate where you can meet not only widows but also divorced women, single moms, or those who have never been married not only in your country but also abroad. ( There is no need to set boundaries even if you are widowed. It is better to give yourself as many chances as possible. Only in this case, you will be able to enjoy a new life to the fullest. 

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