Men’s Fashion fix

Fashion has always been an industry that has typically been associated with women. However, in recent years there has been a shift in the volume of people interested in the men’s fashion industry. In fact, the men’s fashion industry is more popular than ever with the men’s fashion industry worldwide projected to grow by 2.95% in the period between 2023 and 2027. In this context, it is worth exploring the recent and upcoming men’s fashion trends to see what all the fuss is about.

Firstly, with 2022 now over it is clear that it had been a successful year in terms of men’s fashion. This is due to the volume of fashion trends that have cropped up. For example, the dust coat took the men’s fashion world by storm following in the footsteps of the trench coat, the peacoat and the parka. Not only is it light weight but it is designed to face any climatic event with style and many men have incorporated it into their wardrobe as an essential item. In addition to this, it has become increasingly popular for men to match their clothing to their complexion in order to find the colors that suit them. The main idea is that those who have skin with cool undertones suit greys, browns, blues, greens, and purples. Skin with warm undertones suit either bright or light colors and skin with neutral undertones truly shine in bold, bright colors.

Furthermore, with 2023 having only just begun there are many men’s fashion trends that are yet to emerge. Indeed, although as a society we are more progressive than ever, in terms of fashion we have borrowed a lot of inspiration from the past. For example, it is predicted that for men’s fashion 2023 will witness the return of boss-level blazers which boast strong shoulders and recreate the looks that were popular in the 80’s. We are slowly moving away from tight fits around the shoulder area and are instead looking to create a boxy look. In 2023, there will also be more opportunities for men to accessorize their outfits effortlessly with quirky hats, silk scarves and leather belts coming out on the men’s fashion scene. 

Moreover, with body positivity coming into full force and people embracing that there are different shapes and sizes in the world of fashion and there are also different stylings to look out for in terms of men’s fashion. In many ways, we have also experienced a return to casual wear with Zip-Up Hoodies making a return. By steering away from tight clothing, we are advocating for everyone to feel comfortable in what they are wearing. On top of this, men’s clothing is also being made more colorful as they are given the choice to wear hot pink or pastel colors instead of the limited range of neutrals, grays, and black colors they were provided with many years ago.

In addition, there are plenty of ways that men can improve their style and replicate the style of their role models. In fact, a famous basketball player such as Jayson Tatum who is well known on the NBA scene is also known for his bold fashion choices with his cut-and-sew jackets, crochet shirts, and wild matching sets which make him stand out. For famous basketball players such as Jayson Tatum, wearing matching sets is also great for the summer as it creates an effortless and stylish look without being restrictive or confining. 

In summary, as more and more attention is being paid to men’s fashion there are more trends emerging encouraging men to be creative and unique by making a statement with their clothing. With so many options in the modern world, in the future it is predicted that there will be even more choices when it comes to men’s fashion as well as less judgement around the industry as we shift further away from the stereotypes about it being exclusively for women.

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