A Guide to lip care and its importance during summer

Pretty lip shades, selfies with the perfect pout, or flying kisses with the most gorgeous gloss…all these sound and look stunning! But all this lip drama will only look great when your lips are in great shape. Yes! Lip care is also a ritual that is as important as your skincare. Your lips need an ample amount of attention and care at all times.

Like your skin, your lips also require a proper regime, care, and the right products. So, let us check out all you need to do to take care of your lips in the right way for gorgeous and plump lips.


Be it your body, skin, hair, or lips…they all need proper hydration for good health. Hydration is the key to solving the majority of your skin and body issues. The same goes for your lips. If you are not drinking enough water and fluids, it will start showing on your lips and they will also start feeling dry. Dry lips lead to chapped lips, cracked lips, and at times painful flaky lips. So, make sure you are drinking enough water, staying hydrated, and consuming your daily serving of fresh fruits.

Lip Scrubbing

The way your skin needs exfoliation, your lips need exfoliation too! Lip scrubbing helps in getting rid of dry lips, flaky lips, and dead skin cells. If you have normal lips, then scrubbing your lips once a week is good enough. But if you have dry lips that tend to get flaky soon, then you must scrub your lips at least twice a week. Go for lip scrubs that are sugar based because these lip scrubs are mild and have the right amount of scrub that exfoliates your lips gently without hurting. For this, you can try Iba’s Must Have Lightening and Brightening Lip Scrub, perfect for lip pigmentation and dry lips.  Another awesome lip scrub to try out is the Mcaffeine Coffee Lip Scrub for Chapped and Pigmented Lips.

Lip Mask

Like lip scrubbing, lip masking is also very important! A lip mask is not really like your face masks, but in simple words – a lip mask is a thicker and more hydrating version of your lip balm. The best way to apply your lip mask is post lip scrubbing at night before going to bed. All you need to do is apply a thick layer of lip mask all over your lips and sleep off. When you wake up in the morning, just wipe off the remaining product on your lips. You will instantly see the difference in your lips’ texture and they will appear extremely soft. The best masks to try are Iba’s Must Have Pout Perfect Lip Sleeping Mask which can also be used like a lip balm when used in smaller quantities. This is one of the best summer lip balms. The other one would be Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask which is known to give your lips a plump makeover instantly.

Lip Prepping

Like your skin, your lips also need prepping before you apply your lipstick. For example, if you are applying a non transfer lipstick that is super matte, then you need to prep your lips well. Start by scrubbing your lips and then apply your lip mask or even your favourite lip balm. Let this lip balm set on your lips for at least 15-20 minutes and then remove it before you begin applying your lip liner and lipstick.

A few top lipstick shades for this summer would be a bunch of pretty pinks that you can also use like a lip and cheek tint, a few gorgeous reds, nude shades of different variants, and of course a few browns.

Lip Balm

Lip Balm – the OG of lip care and all types of lip-related drama! Be it a lip balm for dry lips or the best lip balm for daily use, you can never run out of reasons to buy a new lip balm. The best part about buying a lip balm is that you don’t really have to worry about the lip balm price because most lip balms are quite pocket friendly.

One of the best lip balms for summer would be the Nivea balm. This lip balm is known for its hydration and an instant boost of moisture and it is also one of the best lip balms for dry lips. Nivea also has different flavors and tints available, which makes it one of the best lip balms for daily use.

Another awesome lip balm to try is Iba’s Moisture Rich Lip Balm available in 3 variants – strawberry, cocoa vanilla, and Alphonso mango.

Lipstick Removal

Like your pre-lip care ritual, your post-lip care ritual is equally important. Like how you make it a point to remove your makeup every night, there might be days when you are wearing only your lipstick. On these ‘only lipstick’ days, you might feel lazy and skip it, STOP! Please get up and go get your lipstick cleaned up. Because if you skip out on cleaning your lips, the lipstick remains only going to make your lips more dry and dehydrated. 


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