What is a sugar daddy

What is a sugar daddy? Definition of the new appointments between university students and executives

What is a sugar daddy?

A sugar daddy is a generally middle-aged man who is in an interest-based relationship or companionship with a young, college-educated girl who is seeking social advantages, gifts, or maintenance. They can maintain a real bond of affection with the girls they date just like them, but they are relationships fundamentally based on an agreement but that are maintained over time

He also considers himself an experienced man, usually older, successful in his professional career, who has a busy life and no time for conventional relationships. Since they are successful in their careers, daddies enjoy sharing their wealth, knowledge, experiences, and magical moments with their Sugar Babies. 

Does that mean that every rich and experienced man becomes a sugar daddy? Not at all. In fact, the easiest way to spot a true one is to pay attention to his generosity, this is the key to distinguishing him from the so-called Salt Daddy (a so-called SugarDaddy who has nothing to offer his Sugar Baby). If you want more information here you can know what a sugar daddy is in more depth.

What is a sugar baby?

The concept of sugar baby usually refers to an attractive young woman who cannot afford a luxurious lifestyle and is looking for a generous man with a well-established network who can help them learn new things, have great moments and get gifts and rewards for being a great couple. She is generally a college girl who is looking for economic support, gifts or the whims of a mature and solvent man. 

They offer their company for outings, dinners, trips and leisure, they can also offer intimate encounters, although unlike escorts they are not mandatory nor do they have to enter into the agreement. 

There are also a growing number of sugar babies who are college students, who turn to their sugar daddy to pay for tuition and books. Some seek enough monetary support to maintain a student rent in expensive European capitals. Learn more about the sugar baby concept if you want to know more about it.

How to get a sugar daddy?

The most common way to look for him is through social networks, there are specialized social networks such as Sugar Daddy Seek where the girls open a profile where they indicate what they are looking for. This social network that in less than a year has doubled its profiles and already has about 30,000. According to the website, the success rate in which a man achieves a lasting relationship is 70%. There is another way called “free style” in which sugar babies go on the “hunt” for a rich man through luxury nightclubs, golf courses, yacht clubs or private parties where they sneak in.

The rate of profiles of this type of network makes it difficult to find a partner of this type for the girls who open a profile. In this type of pages there is a relationship of 10/1, that is, for every man there are 10 women.

Sugar dating

Sugar Dating is the concept that encompasses this type of relationship, it is the term with which we also refer to the so-called “sugaring” or search for sugar. This term defines the agreements in which the couple establishes certain company and financial terms, the limits and it can be considered that there are intimate relationships or not. Some sugar babies ask for a monthly allowance, while others get ‘income’ in the form of glamorous vacations and/or shopping sprees. An example is this social network for sugar momma in US, you can see there are plenty of sugar momma on Instagram today, but if you are still wondering how to find a sugar momma on instagram, you are too late for this!

Sugar dating boom 2023

Young ladies have been dating older men for a long time and the trend has been gaining more popularity with today’s generation. This can be associated with a number of reasons, such as the fact that over 70% of all men are attracted to younger women. Another fact may be that women tend to mature faster than men. Lifestyle and changes have also contributed greatly to this as many young women have decided to seek out sugar daddies to help them live their desired lifestyles.

Sugar dating from the psychological point of view:

Sara Skentelbery and Darren Fowlerexam in a famous article for Psychology Today magazine reflected on the phenomenon of “age gap relationships.” According to the authors, it seems that this type of relationship has benefits from an evolutionary perspective, since a man who mates with a young woman ensures healthy offspring and, on the part of the woman, certain advantages for her children.

The authors explain that from a sociocultural perspective, young women are represented as physically more attractive and older men represent attributes such as financial or other power that leads them to want to have a relationship with him.

Hypergamy, a psychological concept associated with this type of relationship

On the other hand, there is also a commonly accepted psychological concept called hypergamy. This concept encompasses the type of people who are emotionally and sexually attracted to people of higher social status. In this case, age or appearance are relegated in the search for a partner, focusing the attraction on status.

Helen Fisher, author of The Anatomy of Love and dating expert, stresses that in some way, hypergamy responds to a “process of adaptive evolution, because it improves the chances that the children you have will live long enough to reproduce.”

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of relationship?

There are advantages and disadvantages to dating these older men, although the same applies to any other form of dating. Therefore, it is better to familiarize yourself with them.


  • There is financial security, most sugar daddies have had time to work on their careers and have invested and saved.
  • Sugar daddies are mature in terms of communication, setting and achieving goals, keeping promises, and being loyal to each other. This is due to the fact that they have a busy life that does not allow them to indulge in funny ambiguities. They will be more direct with what they want and are unlikely to make unfounded promises.
  • Age comes with wisdom and experience, therefore dating these men presents an opportunity to learn and make wiser decisions. Women benefit from wise advice in areas like finance and investing, making career choices, and securing positions in the corporate world.
  • It increases the prestige of women and makes them feel important, improving their ego and motivation.


  • Some sugar daddies can be controlling and a bit condescending. Due to their advanced age they feel that they know a lot and what they know is correct. They can make a girl feel childish
  • They may not share your way of having fun. Due to their busy life schedule or simply because they don’t like the fun that younger generations subscribe to. A relationship with a sugar daddy will not always be stable. Some sugar daddies are there just to have fun and will not guarantee a better future for the woman. Therefore, the sugar baby can only momentarily enjoy that luxurious lifestyle.
  • The past life of these men may be another problem. Their families and friends will have an effect on their relationship, which will affect negatively or positively depending on how they relate to this man.
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