outdoor activities for preschoolers

16 Amazing Things to Do Outdoors With Your Toddlers and Preschooler!

Everyone knows that learning new things gives lots of fun to kids. Kids especially learn faster when we bring them outside. Exploring nature is always magical for preschool children. If you want children to learn new things in a better way, you should look for a few outdoor activities for preschoolers from our blog post.

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers

1. Run and Sort Activity

outdoor activities for preschoolers

You should throw various color sorting balls or pom-pom balls. Later, you should allow preschool students to grab anyone's pom-pom ball. Once they go back, they will practice sorting different colors. Kids may even perform this activity as a relay race and grab a single pom at one time. On the other hand, kids may grab a handful of poms and sort while returning to the home base.

2. Hopscotch

outdoor activities for preschoolers

Hopscotch is one of the classic games and outdoor activities for preschoolers. The game allows kids to move and practice numbers. You only should draw a big hopscotch board and get a rock for playing the game.

3. Paper Plates-based Balloon Tennis 

outdoor activities for preschoolers

Balloon tennis is an active game for preschool kids. In this game, small kids make tennis rackets by using a few paper plates and various popsicle sticks. The fun takes place when children hit the balloons forth and back.

4. Practice Numbers while Riding 

outdoor activities for preschoolers

School teachers, parents, and caretakers searching for outdoor activities for preschoolers may help kids to practice numbers while riding their toy bikes. Accordingly, children should choose their favorite tri-cycle, battery car, or motorbike to ride and practice the activity of recognizing numbers.

5. Movement of Beach Balls

outdoor activities for preschoolers

Are you looking for unique ways to develop the upper body strength of small kids? You should let the kids use pool noodles for moving the beach balls.

6. Create a Human Sundial

outdoor activities for preschoolers

Select a sunny spot and let your partners trace you and vice versa every time during the entire day to create a human sundial. Make sure to stand at the same point every time. Mark with an x in the spot, where kids will stand to trace easily. Check the human sundial at the end of your day.

7. Design a Mini Dam

outdoor activities for preschoolers

You may design a mini dam to perform a stem-based outdoor activity with kids. Luckily, you may provide a few easily available materials to perform the activity. For instance, use tin foil to create a river and a combination of collecting materials, like rocks and sticks for a mini dam and prevent the water flow. Once kids design the dam, let them pour the water down the river to test its efficiency.

8. Float or Sink

outdoor activities for preschoolers

If you are still looking for outdoor activities for preschoolers, you may perform the experience of float or sink. For this, get a big tub filled with water. Students may grab and explore a few natural items, like rocks, leaves, flowers, and sticks. Besides, children may bring some other playable items, like balls, marbles, and feathers. Ask preschoolers whether the items will float or sink and allow them to drop each item into the water to find out.

9. Create a Bird Nest

outdoor activities for preschoolers

You may motivate kids to collect materials like birds collect to create a nest. Depending on the requirements, you may provide some tapes and glues as well.

10. Planting Seeds

outdoor activities for preschoolers

Planting seeds not only give fun to preschoolers but also explain the significance of a green environment. Hence, parents and teachers looking for outdoor activities for preschoolers should try this with kids at least once a month. Let the kids dig some dirt and plant seeds directly into pots or into the ground. Besides, you should explain the growth of plants with the help of sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide.

11. Observing Animals Behavior

outdoor activities for preschoolers

Dogs, cats, rats, pigs, cows, rodents, squirrels, and many other living creatures come into the backyard area of a home or school building regularly. In this situation, you may let your kids identify the behavior of each animal and explain the underlying reason for any specific behavior or activity like humans do. Examples of animal behaviors include playing, eating, cleaning, or running.

12. Involve in Memory Game

outdoor activities for preschoolers

Kids love to play memory games. The activity requires minimal preparation. Collect a few paper plates and a marker to create a memory game. Besides, you may put a few flowers to make your game nature-themed rather than only shapes.

13. Combination of Rocks and Letters

outdoor activities for preschoolers

Use English letters (small or capital) to create a matching letter game. Meanwhile, ask the kids to collect some rocks and trace their favorite letters. It is an excellent activity to let preschoolers recognize various English letters.

14. Writing Name with Natural Materials

outdoor activities for preschoolers

Another learning activity for preschool students is to let them write their names by using a few natural materials. Accordingly, kids may use rocks, sticks, flowers, and plants to write their names. It is also a fun game and an art project to practice letter recognition.

15. Classify Mother Nature

outdoor activities for preschoolers

As the name itself, the engaging activity allows children to sort different items they easily find in mother nature. Children may classify materials according to their color or size. One can make circles using chalk on the ground, a few hula hoops, or writing about them on paper.

16. Mosaic Art to Color Geometric Shapes

outdoor activities for preschoolers

You may use mosaic art or masking tape to tape off a few geometric shapes. You may even allow your kids to apply color with the sidewalk chalk. Later, remove the masking tape to display their designed artistic masterpiece.



Playing outside gives more chances to kids to explore the environment and experience adventures. Your kids may play games, express themselves, test their physical boundaries, and develop self-confidence. Furthermore, when children play outside, they get more freedom and space for jumping, running, throwing balls, kicking, and related physical movements. Outdoor activities benefit your kids' fitness and lead to physical development. Therefore, get outside to allow the kids to use natural materials so that they explore and learn with fun.


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