6 Places You Can Take Your Kids In Utah

As a family, it Is essential to take family trips from time to time. A family vacation is a great way to take time off work and spend quality time with your children. However, when choosing a location for your family trip, it is vital to choose a place with excellent sights for adults and children.

Hence, Utah is the perfect location for a family vacation. The state’s site is towards the western United States of America in the Mountain West subregion. It is known for its beautiful scenery and has various national parks and skinning resorts, offering entertaining activities for you and your kids.

Thus, before setting out for your trip, list all the exciting places your children can enjoy. You can visit many tourist attractions, and the following sights will make you and your kids experience pure joy and will make their place on your list.

1. Take Your Kids To Amazing Restaurants

There is nothing more kids like than a delicious meal, and Utah is home to tasty food and fabulous restaurants. In addition, the west side of the united states of America is highly influenced by other cultures like Asian, Mexican, and Mediterranian. Hence, this part of the country offers a variety of cuisines and food that will make kids fall in love with the place.

Furthermore, St George is a beautiful city in the state that offers breathtaking views and is also known for its meaty cuisine, offering rib chops, chicken wings, and juicy steak.

  • The Pizza Factory

The pizza factory is one of the many restaurants in St George Utah, which is ideal for families. It has the perfect family ambiance that both adults and kids can enjoy. There are mouthwatering pizzas and bread twists that kids will love. Moreover, while kids enjoy delicious pizza, the parents can go for a healthy and light salad bar.

  • The Hash House a Go Go

Similarly, Hash House a Go Go is a fun family restaurant that offers a fusion of Midwest and coast food. This place is for people with a huge appetite as their portion size is enormous. Thus, make sure you go hungry. They are known for their best-selling chicken and waffles. In addition, families can start a flavorful, packed morning, as the restaurant offers an extensive breakfast menu, which has creamy scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, and hash browns.

  • The Sweet Rolled Taco

Finally, after having a good and fun day, you can give it a sweet finale by going to the sweet rolled taco. The ice cream parlor offers unique colored cones, making kids giddy with joy. Families can try ice cream shakes here or have their signature classic rolled taco with their favorite ice cream. The restaurant is already a local favorite and will undoubtedly be your kid’s favorite.

2. Lagoon Amusement Park

The lagoon amusement park is one of salt Lake’s biggest amusement parks. It is a perfect family attraction and offers a variety of activities. In Utah, it is known that your summer is incomplete if you haven’t been to the lagoon. The park is known for its thrilling roller coaster and offers 60 exhilarating rides. One of their most famous rides is the cannibal, which at one time was the steepest roller coaster in the USA. Furthermore, the spider, a spinning roller coaster, is also a fan favorite in the park. Finally, if that is not enough for kids, take them to Colossus the Fire Dragon, a double-looping roller coaster.

Besides fun rides, the park has lagoon A beach, Utah’s ultimate water park. It has relaxing areas for parents and offers four huge water slides, letting kids have a splash. Children can also go swimming there, have fun in twisting hydro tubes, and experience crystal-clear waterfalls.

Lastly, families can visit the pioneer village after having an adrenaline-filled day at the park. It has old wooden boardwalks and stores from the 19th century. The village is truly an authentic experience as it offers a museum with a miniature circus and a unique gun collection. It truly gives you a taste of the old west and makes you feel like you are stepping back into history.

3. Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium is the perfect family destination where kids can learn, explore and have fun. The place offers a variety of unique science and space activities. Children can do fun things there, such as seeing real meteors and exploring other planets. They can also watch excellent documentaries and films about science and space In their in-house film theatre. In addition, the place offers Hansen dome theatre, the first digital pitless dome theatre in the country. It also has certified IMAX theatres that play 3-D films.

Moreover, the planetarium has many exhibitions that families can enjoy. For example, it exhibits the globe called the “science of a sphere,” which is computer animation by NOAA. The place also displays real moon rock from NASA and showcases Foucault’s pendulum, telescopes, and audio-kinetic sculpture. Thus, it is truly a lace that is not just educational and exciting for kids but also for adults as well.

4. Tracy Aviary

Tracy aviary is one of the oldest aviaries in the united states of America. It has an estimated 400 hundred birds from  135 different species. Hence, the place should be a must-visit if your kids are avid bird lovers.

The aviary is mostly outdoors but also has indoor exhibitions as well. Visitors can witness beautiful and exotic birds like peacocks roaming freely. Children can see birds they’ve only heard of, such as pelicans, golden and bald eagles, kookaburras, and vultures. The park also has horn bill, emus, owls, and swans. 

Their indoor south American pavilion displays rare species, such as curassows, toucans, tanagers, and bitterns. It also has an incubating and hatching nursery, which is all on display, letting children truly have an educational experience.

It also has many bird shows, where birds perform exotic tricks under the supervision of their trainers. Kids can also volunteer in the show, and visitors can bird with their hands and pet them.


Utah is truly a majestic place with an eye-opening landscape and views. It is a destination that can let families have a once-in-a-lifetime trip as it offers a variety of attractions and activities that will entertain not just adults but kids as well.

The state will give you an authentic wild west experience as it offers the most delicious food that will rock your kids’ taste buds. Moreover, it has the best family parks, like the lagoon amusement park, which offers adrenaline-packed outdoor and water rides. Families who want to do something educational and fun can visit the Clark planetarium and learn about science and space. And if that isn’t enough, then Tracy’s aviary will give you an exotic experience that will fascinate you. Thus, Utah is the place where you can make memories with your kids that you will remember for a lifetime.

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