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Top destinations to choose for the New Year celebration

Wish to celebrate New Year in another city or country? Here are the best places to enjoy your holiday!

The best cities for the New Year celebration

New Year is, above all, an opportunity to celebrate the end of the year with panache! As a couple, with your family or friends, discover new horizons and experience a moment of celebration that will always remain in your memory. Thus, to offer you a magical break and take full of sights, guys from Country Helper have selected for you the cities where New Year’s Eve promises to be grandiose!


In the British capital, the party is in full swing and begins well before midnight. The musicals on display in the West End are a great way to get in the mood, even before the festivities start. The streets of London are very lively. You dance from one concert to another to the rhythms of the greatest DJs and share the festive atmospheres of the pubs. When Big Ben rings the 12 strokes of midnight, 600,000 people celebrate the new year in Trafalgar Square. One of the most beautiful fireworks in Europe then begins. Remember to keep energy for the next day and don’t miss the London New Year’s Day Parade. From Piccadilly Circus to Parliament Square, this great costume parade will delight young and old.

Rio de Janeiro

The least we can say is that the second largest city in Brazil has the meaning of XXL celebrations. The festivities organized to mark the transition to the new year will leave you with an imperishable memory. To be at the center of the party, go to Copacabana beach. On the program: multiple animations, concerts, and incredible fireworks that you will admire with your feet in the water. No less than three million Cariocas and holidaymakers meet there to vibrate together all night on samba rhythms. Want a more intimate atmosphere? Take a tour of the nearby Arpoador beach, and push the doors of Copacabana off.


In Iceland, far from the effervescence of other capitals, Reykjavik is illuminated with aurora borealis. Add the end-of-year decorations, bonfires, and fireworks; the whole city lights up. The atmosphere is both festive and full of traditions. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the streets seem rather deserted in the early evening. For the locals, the New Year festivities begin with the family and explode later in the evening. There is a great opportunity for you to discover local gastronomy in a restaurant in the city center. A little before midnight, it’s time for traditional fireworks. Icelanders love them. They usually only stop in the middle of the night. 


Bruges is a city where it’s good to walk, and it’s even better to explore it by bike! Among the emblematic places of the historical heritage of Bruges, the Markt, and its 83-meter-high belfry, the Basilica of St. Blood and the Burg are to be discovered. On the museum side, you will be spoiled for choice: chocolate, fries, and diamonds, to name a few. To eliminate calories, get on a bike to discover the city’s four windmills, two of which can be visited in summer.


An ideal destination to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Paris deserves its title of the City of Light more than ever at this time of year. From the illuminations of the most emblematic monuments to bright decorations in the streets, the entire capital is celebrating. Just stroll through the center to be won over by the ambient atmosphere. The Eiffel Tower sparkles with a thousand lights. A show of sound and light is projected on the Arc de Triomphe. The fireworks are fired from the Champs Élysées. A good idea for a romantic evening, right? Book a New Year’s dinner cruise on the Seine aboard a flyboat.


What a great idea to go celebrate the Festa di San Silvestro in Milan! In Piazza Duomo, you can attend an exceptional concert with international artists. All types of music, from classical to electro, are honored. After singing and dancing with friends, it’s time for the magnificent pyrotechnic show to start at midnight. You will continue the party all night on the streets, in small cafes and nightclubs. To celebrate the New Year more quietly, you can also bet on the charm of the Navigli district, its canals, and alleys.


And why not go to the other side of the world to celebrate New Year? Sydney does not skimp on the means to organize one of the most beautiful celebrations in the past. No less than 34 hours of uninterrupted celebration await you, in the heart of the Australian summer. For families with children, a superb fireworks display is even scheduled around 9 p.m. There are also New Year’s Eve multiplies Aboriginal ceremonies and aerial aerobatic shows. The boats are illuminated and parade on the bay. You will enjoy entertainment throughout the city. The fireworks, fired near the port and the Opera at midnight, are simply breathtaking. They are probably the most beautiful in the world. The festivities continue all night, but also all day after!


The capital of the Netherlands is a popular destination for the New Year celebration. After a romantic walk along the canals, you will enjoy the entertainment and shows offered on the Nieuwmarkt, Dam, or Museumplein squares. A little before midnight, follow the crowd and join the Oosterdok lake. This is where the great fireworks take place. The next day, participate in the local custom by going to Scheveningen for a great swim in the North Sea. It brings together nearly 10,000 participants.

As you can see, the options to celebrate the New Year are really impressive. So, let’s make it unforgettable!

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