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Preparing For The Big Day: Facial Skin Care Tips And Tricks

The venue, music, catering and flowers… that was the easy part; now it is your turn – your turn to think about the dress, shoes, hair, makeup… Yes, your moment has finally come and you do not need to feel bad about all the extra pampering, but what is it exactly that you need to do in order to have that flawless Hollywood glow at your wedding day? You are about to find out…

Start from day one

To perfect your skin for the biggest day of your life, you have to start treating it the moment you get engaged. Fine, the enthusiasm might overwhelm you and postpone it a few days (or even weeks), but the important thing is that you start with the beauty rituals as soon as possible.

Leave it to a professional

Although later in the article we will recommend some DIY solutions for you to do at home on a regular basis, it is of utmost importance to schedule several professional treatments to get rid of some of the bigger imperfections. Experienced beautician will tend to your skin, décolletage and scalp, and in that way stimulate the circulation of blood and keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated. Furthermore, since you are preparing for such memorable occasion, you might even request extractions, which basically means getting your pores cleansed from all the dirt. Special warning: do not try to do this at home, since this process involves special techniques and preparation that can lead to irritation, or even permanent scarring if not done the right way.

Getting rid of excess facial oil

If you are one of those brides who is handling most of the work on their own, running from one place to another, you are bound to struggle with oily skin. In that case, blotting papers will do the trick and get that mate skin color, but if you are in need of a more advanced solution, establishing a regular oil-cleansing routine will be necessary. Every night before going to bed, use a mild face wash, avoid the toner and go straight to an oil-free moisturized.

Watch what you eat

Regardless of your skin type, it has to be hydrated. Aside from advice that a woman should drink up to 3.7 liters of water, a bride-to-be is also encouraged to eat a lot of hydrating foods, such as watermelon, grapefruit, tomatoes or cucumbers.

Professional cosmetic procedure

As stated on numerous occasions, it is the most important day in one’s life, right? So why not allow yourself to take the entire preparation process to the next level? You will be looking at your wedding pictures for years to come, so opting for a minor plastic surgery procedure could be the logical step. A facelift will provide a perfect foundation for a professional makeup artist to do their magic, and not just that – your neck will look flawless as well.

Introduce your skin to retinol

Retinol derives from vitamin A, and as such is known to increase cell turnover, boost collagen, unclog pores and reduce hyper-pigmentation. If you consult with a professional and get a prescription for it, you will get a stronger formula. However, bear in mind that it cannot be used a few days before the wedding, since prescription retinol causes redness, acne and peeling before it kicks in with the benefits. Nevertheless, the look of your skin after those minor side-effects fade is unparalleled and worth the wait.

Rid of all the zits

If you’ve never really left the teenage zit phase, don’t worry, we have two perfect ways to remove them. First, dab benzoyl peroxide gel directly to a blemished area and let it dry out. If this does not help, a more pricier solution is to consult with a doctor about an anti-inflammatory steroid injection.

DIY deep cleaning

A mask is not meant to replace your current beauty routine, only to enhance it. It has the power to melt the hard sebum in your pores, so it is highly recommended for an oily skin. For a dry or regular skin, twice a month is more than enough to keep the dirt from building up.

Drink less alcohol

Even though a glass of red wine is undoubtedly healthy, prior to your wedding day we advise swapping it for green juice which does wonders for the skin due to its oxygenating characteristics. It also contains vital minerals which will help stimulate the lymphatic system and reduce the puffiness.

Don’t stress as much

In the end, let’s tackle one issue every bride is bound to go through: unbelievable amounts of stress. It is not something you can turn on and off with a push of a button, and aside from eating you up from inside, it induces redness on your skin, too. The most effective is LED treatment which will reduce inflammation. Furthermore, if there is some damaged skin from sun exposure, be sure this will heal it by 300 percent. For those who prefer more natural solutions, grab a bottle of arnica oil.

Feeling ready to walk down the aisle? Or if you have any additional advice you would like to share with our future brides, leave the tip in the comment section below!

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