thin out foundation for airbrush

How to thin out foundation for airbrush

Airbrush makeup application is the best technique to provide a flawless and effortless makeup look without using tons of products. You will have a natural fresh look without too much product that blocks your pores and sits on your face like a mask. Airbrush gives you a photoshopped look that will appear perfect in any light and even under a camera flash. But sometimes, you just feel that your makeup is too thick and will look cakey and sometimes you don’t really need all that coverage on all the areas of your face. This is why you need to know how to thin out foundation or airbrush to make its application more comfortable and to allow you to have a better look that suits your preferences and needs. Also, ensure that you have the best airbrush foundation.

How to thin out foundation for airbrush?

Airbrush technique is usually used to apply makeup for special occasions because you can get a flawless look that will cover all your skin imperfections using the least amount of product. But sometimes the makeup you use, might look or feel too heavy and this why you need to make sure that you know how to thin out foundation for airbrush without affecting its quality. You also need to know how to apply foundation evenly.

Using water:

If you are preparing your own airbrush makeup or if you are using water-based airbrush foundation, you can get away by adding a few drops of water to your foundation. Just stir in a couple of drops of water to your foundation and the airbrush gun will easily apply it and you can spray the foundation according to your preference. Usually, you will be able to get a flawless look using the least amount of product. If you feel that there are special areas that require more coverage, you can easily apply more product and you will not have to worry about your foundation looking patchy or cakey.

Using a moisturizer:

If you are wondering about how to thin makeup for airbrush, using your favorite moisturizer might be the best option because you can thin out all types of makeup this way. You can just add a few drops of your favorite serum or your day cream to your foundation and it will look flawless. It will also provide more hydration to your skin. The key is not to add too much serum or moisturizer as it may affect the quality of your makeup. If your serum or your cream is too oily, it might affect the way your makeup stays stable on the skin. Just add one drop and mix it before application.

This will also prevent your foundation from creasing in the fine lines and wrinkles that you normally have around the mouth and the eyes.

If you are looking for a red carpet makeup look then airbrush might be the right technique for you. Using a simple machine, you will be able to get a photoshopped look that will look flawless under even the brightest lights. Understanding how to thin out foundation for airbrush will enable you to apply your make up without looking patchy or cakey. You will be able to reapply your makeup only on the areas that need extra coverage and you will look like a superstar for every occasion.

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