Airbrush Spray Tan

Benefits of Getting an Airbrush Spray Tan

As summer approaches, we all want to get that sun-kissed glow back. However, the sun emits harmful rays that can lead to serious issues in the future. Therefore airbrush spray tans are a great option to get that bronzed skin without putting yourself at risk. The airbrush machine allows for quick and even application of the tanning pigment. Not to mention that you can customize the color just the way you like it. Airbrush spray tanning in Austin gives you instant results and leaves you feeling confident and beautiful.

What is an Airbrush Spray Tan?

Spray tanning involves a special tanning solution that will adhere to your skin and pigment it. This solution is usually applied with a special tool, the airbrush. The tool allows the tanning technician to evenly apply the tanning solution all over your body. Usually, you will need to wait 12 hours until you can remove the solution that was applied. This allows it to adhere to your skin better, so you can have a long-lasting and natural tan. Additionally, the tanning solution will appear much darker as soon as it is applied. This is so the technician can see where the solution was applied.

The airbrush technique for spray tanning allows for a more precise application. While some airbrushes are smaller, which is good for getting smaller areas, they can be too slow to apply an even tan. ( Therefore, some bigger airbrushes look like spray guns, which allow for a faster application.

The Benefits

An airbrush tan has a lot of benefits. Mainly, it is a quick way to get beautifully tanned skins without exposing yourself to harmful sunrays. Not to mention that you can keep your tan and glow throughout the colder and sunless months.

No UV Exposure

The most important benefit of spray tanning, when it comes to your health, is that there is no UV exposure. As you may already know, sun rays can be very dangerous to the skin. The sun’s harmful rays can cause long-term issues, as well as leave marks and premature aging of your skin. Therefore, if you want sun-kissed skin, spray tanning is the best option to continue looking great inside and out.

Natural Glow

While you can fake tan at home yourself, getting it done at a salon will allow you to have a natural and streak-free glow. You have surely heard of the horror stories behind DIY fake tanning. Some people might get a flawless tan, while others end up having stripes of unevenly spread fake tan all over them. Therefore, turning to professionals is your best option.

Instant Results

An airbrush tan is a great option if you have an event that you want to have a sun-kissed glow. In comparison to tanning under the sun, it is a much quicker process that will only take you a day to get the final results. Additionally, your spray tanning session will be quick and easy. You will be leaving the salon in just a couple of minutes and looking gorgeously tanned.

Customized for You

If you choose to fake tan at home, you may only have a couple of color options, which can leave your skin looking unnatural. This is another reason for you to try spray tanning at a professional salon. The spray technician will not only be able to get to all the spots that are hard to reach, but they will also customize the tan to bring your bronzed vision to life.

Spray vs Airbrush

When comparing the spray gun and airbrush applications, the results can be vastly different. With the airbrush, the technician can truly personalize the color and meticulously apply the tan all over your body. A spray tan is usually in a booth with various nozzles that automatically spray you with the tanning lotion. Additionally, the color options will be more limited compared to the airbrush application. Overall, the airbrush will give you better results and you can leave the salon feeling confident and beautiful.

If you live in the Austin area and you to get a beautiful bronze glow ready for spring, visit Parlor Beauty Bar. We offer a variety of airbrush tan options to give you the perfect color. If you are in a rush for a special event, our rapid rinse spray tan allows you to rinse in as little as one to three hours. Additionally, our double-dip add-on allows you to add a little extra color to your spray tan for extra gorgeous skin. If you want to get your airbrush spray tan, contact us.


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