Prepare A Female Dog During Labor

How To Prepare A Female Dog During Labor For Delivery


Delivering puppies in the right way is usually very important. This is because the way the puppies are delivered plays an important role in determining whether the mother and the puppies will survive. To ensure the puppies are delivered properly it is always paramount to start preparing well in advance. This is despite the fact that the bitch will do almost all the work during the delivery. You should start the preparations almost immediately after you notice that you dog is pregnant. To make sure the dog is mature enough you should wait until it is more than 24 months old.

  1. Improve the Diet and Watch What You Give The Dog

The very first thing you should do to prepare you dog for delivery is to improve its diet. This is mainly because a pregnant dog requires more nutrients than an ordinary dog. Your pregnant dog will also require some special nutrients that are meant to enhance its health and the health of the unborn puppies. You can consult your local vet to know the most appropriate foods for a pregnant dog. It is also important to be careful on the vaccinations and medications you give to the dog. This is because some chemicals might affect the pregnant dog.

  1. Make Use Of Supplements

As a way of ensuring that your pregnant dog gets all the nutrients it requires you should use supplements. There are certain supplements that are rich with certain kinds of nutrients which are known to be helpful to pregnant dogs. You should especially select the nutrients that contain calcium and vitamins because calcium gives the dog and the unborn puppies stronger bones while vitamins increases the quantities of blood. Most supplements come with instructions on the portions you should give your pregnant dog. At this stage you should work closely with your vet to make sure the dog gets the right supplements.

  1. Prepare The Female Dog For Birth

When your dog is almost ready to give birth you should get various things that will make labor and delivery easier. One of the most important things you should do is to prepare a clean and comfortable place where the dog will deliver. It is important that the place you select be a quite place without distraction so that you dog can be calm as it delivers. You can get a comfortable box where you will keep the puppies once they are born.

  1. Get the Necessary Supplies

To be properly prepared there are some supplies which you should get in case you will need them. These supplies might be used in case the dog experiences problems while delivering. All the supplies you get should be properly sterilized to protect the bitch from infections. Some of the top supplies you should get include; a bottle of warm water, a light baby blanket, clean hand towels, a pair of round tipped scissors, a package of threads, a jar of petroleum jelly, a place to note the time of birth and your vet’s emergency number in case the delivery becomes too complicated for you to handle. You should also get the appropriate milk formula for the puppies.

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  1. Make the Dog Comfortable

After you have gotten all the supplies you should then ensure your dog is comfortable. At this time the dog will not want to play a lot and therefore you should just allow it to rest. You can get it an extra blanket so that it can be optimally comfortable. You can also feed it with moderate quantities of the food it like most. At time the dog might not be interested in food and this should not be a source of worry since the dog might not be having the usual appetite. You should ensure the dog is isolated about three weeks to the due delivery date.

  1. During Labor And Delivery Including Signs Of Labor

The main sign that your female dog is in labor is the valva becoming softer and enlarged about three days to the delivery. on the material day of delivery the dog will start pushing intermittently. At this stage the first puppy will be making its way through the canal. You can cuddle the dog lovingly and softly to comfort it as it tries to push. Some dogs like to be alone during this stage and so if your dog seems irritated you should keep your distance.

  1. Watch The Delivery

The first thing that will emerge from the valva of the dog is a dark bubble that is usually filled with amniotic fluid. This bubble is important because it is the one supplying the puppies with air especially if they stay in the canal for too long and therefore you should not break it. When the first puppy comes out it might come together with the placenta. The puppy might be covered with the sac and if the dog does not break it you should go ahead and break it near the neck of the new born puppy.

  1. Take Care Of The Placenta

After the puppy has been born and the placenta has come out the dog should eat the entire placenta from the stomach of the puppy. In case the dog does not eat the placenta you should cut it using the scissors. The cord should be cut one and half inches from the tummy of the new born puppy. If the cord continues to bleed after you have cut it you should take the thread and tie it about three quarter of an inch from the tummy of the puppy. You should then wipe the puppy with the soft towel and give it to the mother or place it in a warm place as you wait for the other puppies.

  1. How Long The Delivery Takes And The Time Between Each New Born

The delivery time varies depending on the dog with some dogs being able to deliver faster. Bitches which are delivering for the first time usually take longer where the entire process can take even a whole hour. This also depends on the number of puppies being delivered where the more the puppies the longer the delivery time.

The time between puppies also depend on the dog and the condition that it is put in. a healthy and well fed dog will have shorter time between the newborns. In ordinary cases the second puppy comes out two minutes after the first one has been delivered. From there the time is significantly reduced as the other puppies come in quick succession. The last puppy might take longer time and therefore it is paramount to wait until you are sure all the puppies have been born. Some times you can feel if there are any remaining puppies just by touching the stomach of the dog.

  1. Passage Of The Afterbirth

After all the puppies have been born you should give the mother time to lick them and clean them effectively. Some dogs do not take this initiative and as a result you should take the towel and wipe the puppies. After this you should take them and place them in a warm place. The puppies should start suckling immediately and therefore you should give the mother an opportunity to suckle them

The amniotic sac is the sac that keeps the puppies in the womb of their mother and it comes out during delivery. The placenta on the other hand is the cord that connects the mother and the puppies. Most dogs usually eat the amniotic sac and the placenta. But if your dog does not eat them you should pick them and bury them somewhere in your compound. If you do not have a place to bury them you can put them in a bag and then into the dustbin.

  1. Emergencies At Birth

Different emergencies can happen as the bitch delivers the puppies. One of the emergencies is some of the puppies not being delivered. In such a situation you should try to press the stomach of the mother gently. Another common emergency is stillbirth and in such a situation you should try to shake the newborn and if they are dead bury them or put them in the dustbin. However, it is always paramount to seek professional help in case of emergencies through calling the local vet. Therefore, through following the outlined guidelines you can safely and effectively prepare a female dog during labor and ensure the delivery is smooth.

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