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How to Have Glowing Skin on Your Wedding

As soon as you’ve set the date, the official countdown to your wedding day starts. Besides finding the dress, catering, band and other necessities, you need to prepare your whole body for this day. Maybe you will up your exercise routine or you will go on a diet, but it is essential to prepare your skin for this big day.Glowing Skin bride in leaves

Professional facials

This is a perfect excuse for extra pampering, so don’t hesitate to book a facial. You can even treat yourself with one facial each month which will refresh your skin before the big day. Professionals know what they are doing and they will massage your skin, décolletage and scalp. Such massages improve blood circulation which keeps the skin looking healthy and fresh. Additionally, you can ask your facialists for extractions, which includes getting the dirt out of your pores.Glowing Skin woman with arms crossed

Eat superfoods

In order for your skin to look healthy, your whole body has to feel the same way. In order to attain such healthy perfection of your skin, you should eat superfoods. It doesn’t matter which skin type you have, it certainly craves water. Drinking water might help, but it’s better to rely on hydrating foods, such as watermelons. In addition to water, your skin will need other nutrients, so help yourself with some snacks that include grapes, kale, cabbage, lemons and other green and vitamin-rich fruits and veggies.Glowing Skin bride with bouquet

Streamline your skincare routine

If you have issues with excessively oiled skin, you can keep it at bay with some blotting papers, on the go. However, if you want to make sure your skin is constantly shine-free you will need some grease solutions and streamlining your routine. Start with using mild face wash, don’t use the toner and rely on light oil-free products. Also, you can exfoliate once or twice a week and clean your skin with serums. Don’t shoot for the most expensive skincare products, because organic and natural ones are much better for this occasion, since they won’t dry out your skin or make it oiler. Also, it is essential to moisturize every day, and you can rely on everyday creams such as ones from Ultraceuticals or any other of your favorite brands. However, don’t excessively wash your face with harsh products because that will encourage your skin to produce even more oil.Glowing Skin bride with veil

Soften your elbows

The skin on the face is the skin that most brides focus on. However, some of them forget about their elbows. The skin on elbows gets dry easily and if you plan on wearing a sleeveless gown, this skin needs to be representative. One of the easiest ways to soften your elbows is by having a nice relaxing bath once a week. Throw in some salts and sodium bicarbonate and it will break down dry patches leaving the skin moisturized and soft. However, if there are some tough patches on your elbows, you can ask your aesthetician to help you out.Glowing Skin bride blowing kiss

Treat sunspots

If you like spending time outside, you probably have some sunspots. In order to get rid of them before you wedding day you should treat them with acid peel. Such peels are made to remove dead skin and reveal new, fresh glowing skin. However, don’t do this at home and visit a professional. You can book a series of peels – or better yet start with six different sessions, but make sure to spread them over a longer period in order to give your skin enough time to recover.

Sometimes it is hard being a bride, but it surely is fun. You probably want to look flawless on your wedding day and that includes your skin. So, start changing some things and rely on these tips and you can be sure that you will look gorgeous.

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