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What Are Fruits You Want for Wedding?


The wedding is one of the most important events in our lifetime, and we all want the best for brides and grooms.

But the planning for a wedding might be exhausting due to huge piles of work. How to choose dresses? How much money do hair and make-up cost?

Besides, you may be haunted with the decoration for months. What are flowers you should use? What are the best fruits?

Worry no more! Take few minutes to read which fruits you need for a wedding, and you will be so excited about it!

Top Fruits for Wedding

Why do we have to pay so much attention to fruits and flowers at a wedding? Because they have their meaning.

In addition to aesthetic aspect, fruits can liven up the atmosphere of your wedding and bring a feeling of luck and satisfaction for everyone involved.

Here are some of the most popular fruits for a wedding. Go for what you like and enjoy all the best from this special event.


For long, Apple has been widely considered as a representative of harmony, good health, and peace. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the words for “apple” and “peace” sound very similar in Chinese.

The best type of apple for a wedding is color-wise and red. They will make your wedding look more stunning and make a great impression on people involved.

If you cannot find this kind of apple, golden or green apples might be good alternatives.

This is not to mention its amazing taste and huge benefits in various parts of our body.


Wedding fruit grapes

In some cultures around the world, the grape has been the symbol of the abundance associated with material wealth. Thus, it usually makes its appearance in important events.

If you have opportunities to visit Asian people’s home, especially Chinese, grapes are usually displayed.

It shows people’s hope for abundance and success in the coming time. On the other hand, people also make use of grapes to hope for a switch from bad luck to a good one.

Hence, grapes are another ideal option for your wedding. These small fruits will add more color to your wedding and also make your family and friends excited.

For long, grapes have been widely used to deal with many health problems. It is particularly useful to prevent aging signs, including wrinkles.


Wedding fruit pineapple

Another fruit that is popular in essential events is pineapple. In the Chinese language, pineapple sounds quite similar to the phrase “good luck coming your way.”

As a result, it is widely acknowledged to be the representative of prosperity, fortune, and wealth.

You can put raw pineapples as a part of the decoration, or you can cut them into small pieces so that people can enjoy it at the same time.

Like any other fruit in this list, pineapple has its variety of benefits that you really should consider.


Wedding fruit oranges

Undoubtedly, orange is among top popular fruits. It is highly appreciated for its various applications, whether you need it for nutritional value or practical uses.

However, in feng shui, oranges are usually displayed in the quantity of 9 as a sign of prosperity and good luck.

All citrus fruits, which include orange, are claimed to be able to eliminate bad luck. Therefore, sometimes you might witness the appearance of limes or tangerines as well.

Fresh fruits are the best thing you should try your best to get, whether you want them for a wedding or displaying casually.

Several oranges at the wedding will be a special gift for people involved in the event, and they might feel blessed as well.


Wedding fruit peaches

Peach appeared in many Asian legends as a popular fruit in the heaven. In fact, it represents immortality, which explains why Gods often consume peach in stories.

Hence, peach can be a great addition to your wedding if you want to bring more luck to your marriage.

People have long related peach with abundance, health, longevity, and wealth. With the appearance of peach in the wedding, you will feel more blessed, and it will enhance your feeling for a happy life since then.


Wedding fruit pomegranate

Last but not least, pomegranate is another top fruit recommended for the wedding because it contains many juicy seeds. They represent fertility, which is a good wish for marriage.

In fact, the consumption of pomegranate is said to be beneficial for getting conceived as well. Therefore, the appearance of pomegranate will bring luck and hopes for fertility among the couple.


In general, the meaning is the most important factor when it comes to the selection of fruits for a wedding. Fruits appear not to be eaten. Their appearance represents something precious and special to people at the wedding.

If you cannot prepare them on your own, remember to tell the reception about what you want.

I hope that you can make the best decision now. If you like this article, do not hesitate to share your knowledge with others!


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