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Top 8 Most Popular Wedding Flowers to Choose for Your Wedding 

Finding the right flowers for your wedding celebration can be an overwhelming process. There are so many factors that one needs to take into consideration while choosing a reliable wedding florist. Your wedding florist plays the most crucial role in the entire process. They can help you find the best floral arrangements and Popular Wedding Flowers  for your wedding and add life to your dull and boring decorations. 

If you don’t know which flower to choose or what types of wedding flowers are the most popular options, then you have come to the right place. This article comprises a list of the prominent and widely used wedding flowers that can help you create aesthetic and appealing visual in your wedding celebration. Keep reading this article till the end to explore the top 8 extremely popular wedding flowers to choose from in London. 

  1. Peonies 

We all love to install flowers that symbolize love and affection. Peonies are known as flowers of love and are widely used by couples in their wedding ceremony across the nation. You can use these flowers in your bridal bouquet, decorate your dining tables, and other areas of your wedding venue. Consider using different shades of peony flowers to increase the visual appeal of your decoration. 

  1. Tulips 

Tulips are considered affordable luxuries flowers out there. They can be a meaningful addition to your decoration due to their ancient history. Tulip represents happy years and affection. They come in a wide variety of colors. You can choose the ones that suit best your wedding theme, style, and preferences. In case of confusion, you can seek help from your wedding planner or wedding florist.  

  1. Roses 

It is nearly impossible to imagine a wedding decoration without incorporating a bunch of beautiful roses in your celebration. Roses have always been a popular choice for weddings and most couples prefer installing different species and colors of roses in their decorations. You can add pink or blush tone roses for simple yet elegant appeals in your decorations. 

  1. Calla lilies 

Calla lilies are trumpet-shaped beautiful blooms that originated in Africa. These flowers primarily symbolize good luck, innocence, and a sense of gratitude. These unique blooms come in a wide range of colors and can be installed anywhere in your decorations. However, calla lilies are mainly preferred for bridal bouquets. You can add flowers of your choice to increase the volume of your bouquet.

  1. Dahlias 

When it comes to dahlia flowers, versatility is always at its best. Dahlia flowers are widely preferred due to their amazing appeal and grand presence. If you are looking for ways to decorate your dining table with minimum yet elegant appeals, then dahlia flowers is all you need. Consider choosing different colors and types of dahlia flowers in a considerate amount for better end results.

  1. Hydrangeas 

You would always come across a bunch of different hydrangea flowers during wedding celebrations. These flowers are known for their beautiful voluminous blooms. You can easily create a voluminous bridal bouquet by adding two or three hydrangea flowers to your bouquet. If you wish to match your bridal bouquet to the color of your wedding dress, you should consider adding white color hydrangeas along with some greenery for a better appearance. 

  1. Sweet Peas 

Sweet peas are known for their sweet fragrance and translucent petals. They can help you set the mood of your celebration and uplift the spirits of your guest, with their sweet fragrance. This way, you will be able to naturally add a fresh and pleasing aroma to your wedding venue. 

  1. Orchids 

This list would have been incomplete without mentioning orchids. Often orchid flowers are the first choice of couples due to many reasons. With orchid flowers, you can effortlessly create eye-pleasing dramatic cascade bouquets for your bridal look. Greenery and other decorative elements can help you enhance the appearance of your bridal bouquet. 

It is important to note that there are no rules when it comes to choosing wedding flowers. You can add your favorite flowers or the flowers you are attracted to the most to your wedding decorations.

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