Adult Separation Anxiety

Adult Separation Anxiety: Why Is It Caused?

Separation anxiety is something all of us face when we move to a new place. When we move from our comfort zones to a new thing, we are bound to feel separation anxiety. However, many people suggest that separation anxiety is more common in children and adults. If you don’t know about this, adult separation anxiety is a real thing. 

Adult Separation Anxiety
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When people start separating, most of them become anxious. Due to adult separation anxiety, many start suffering from physical symptoms such as sore throat, nausea, and more. Kids below the age of 2 years are more likely to suffer from separation anxiety. They will want to keep coming back. 

Separation anxiety develops when you suffer from the same as a child. Nonetheless, even when you have suffered from it, you can still suffer from it in adulthood. 

What is adult separation anxiety? 

Adult separation anxiety refers to a condition when adults start becoming conscious or anxious when they part from a particular thing or person. Many people also experience separation anxiety when they move far away from their pets. 

If you are not sure about what it is, you can consider taking a separation anxiety test. This will help you understand the actual condition. 

What causes separation anxiety in adult? 

If you are wondering what causes separation anxiety in adult, you may as well take up the test. Separation anxiety may often happen in adults when they separate from their partners. However, in many cases, it may also be due to a mental condition. Many people experience delusional and psychotic episodes. 

People with autism spectrum disorder are more likely to suffer from adult separation anxiety. Many people who suffer from this disorder are stated to be overprotective or obsessive. However, it may not always be so. In many cases, an separation anxiety may also be an individual’s way of expressing fear about separating from their loved ones. 

Symptoms of adult separation anxiety

An adult separation anxiety is one of the most common types of anxiety. Panic disorder or agoraphobia may also be the leading cause of anxiety. Your mental health condition will significantly be impacted due to this. 

When you separate from a particular loved one, you are likely to suffer from it regularly. You may constantly feel distressed. In many cases, when a person is away, you may worry excessively about what will happen if the person leaves you. 

Adult Separation Anxiety
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Moreover, one of the main reasons adults suffer from separation anxiety is fear of being left alone. They start to think that when their pet or a person leaves them, they will be left alone in this world. They will always need constant assurance from their loved ones. People should always ensure that they are not going to leave them. 

People suffering from separation anxiety are likely to experience the symptoms for six months. These symptoms will eventually start impacting their academic, social, and occupational lives. 

Parents who suffer from separation anxiety feel like their children will get kidnapped, or something bad will happen to them. As a result, they won’t want to leave their child. They will refuse to be away from their child. 

The physical symptoms of separation anxiety include panic attacks, frequent headaches, stomachache, and episodes of feeling fear. While these are some mental symptoms, they are also likely to suffer from physical symptoms. Sometimes, these can heighten, thereby affecting their daily quality of life. 

What are the risk factors due to separation anxiety? 

People with adult separation anxiety are likely to suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder too. The mental separation will eventually drain them. It can also cause phobias, agoraphobia, and panic disorders. People with adult separation anxiety will feel fearful even while going out. 

Females are more likely to suffer from adult separation anxiety than men. Moreover, the death of a family member can lead to traumatic events in childhood. If a person has ever been involved in abuse or any traumatic event, they will likely suffer from adult separation anxiety. When these kinds of people find a safe space, they don’t want to move out. 

Many people have developmental and physical issues. Divorce and small lifestyle changes can also lead to various problems. Adult separation anxiety can prevent women from visiting the college too. Moreover, reports suggest that people who suffer from separation anxiety during childhood also suffer in adulthood. 

How to diagnose adult separation anxiety? 

Reports suggest that separation anxiety tends to last for around eighteen years. While this applies to kids, it is also valid for adults. 

If you want to diagnose adult separation anxiety, you need to visit professionals. The doctor and healthcare professional can be of great help. Furthermore, a mental health expert can be the most beneficial to turn to. They may utilize different techniques that can help you cope with adult separation anxiety. 

How to treat separation anxiety? 

Doctors suggest that psychotherapy can be the most beneficial for treating this condition. Some of the prominent ways through which you can treat separation anxiety include the following:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a widespread way to relax or calm yourself. With the help of the therapy, you will be able to identify behaviors and thoughts. 

Adult Separation Anxiety
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Parents can learn about different parental techniques. Furthermore, it can play an important role in reducing techniques. You can also indulge in family therapy and group therapy to treat the condition. 

Support groups

Becoming a part of support groups can be very helpful. When you’re a part of a support group, you are likely to meet like-minded people. People who are a part of a support group are likely to get rid of separation anxiety easily. 


While you start practicing lifestyle changes, you may also consider starting medicines. The anti-anxiety medicines are easily available in the market. However, it can be addictive, which is why you should not start taking them from the beginning. 

Final Thoughts

Adult separation anxiety is a real thing. However, it is not that common in adults. It is advisable to practice lifestyle changes to get rid of it. If you suffer from it regularly, you should consider visiting healthcare professionals.

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