Your Wedding Flowers

Important Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

There are quite a few things to keep in mind as you plan for your wedding. Every detail you want to feature is just right for you. As you consider your wedding florals, here are a few tips to help you breeze through choosing your wedding flowers:

1. Your Budget

It is wise to have a rough estimation of just how much you will spend on your wedding flowers before you visit your florist. Instead of falling in love with floral ideas that you may not afford, your florist will use your budget range to suggest flower arrangements within your budget range.

2. Seasonal Flowers

An amazing way to get wedding flowers on a budget is to opt for flowers in season. If you are not too particular as to the type of flower you prefer, just as long as it is beautiful, then consider seasonal flowers, such as tulips, anemones, or ranunculus for a fall wedding, or cosmos, dahlias, and sunflowers for a summer wedding. ( Using seasonal flows will make it possible for you to have plenty of flowers for a lot less than if you were to select flowers that are out of season and thus more costly to buy.

3. Your Wedding Dress

The type of wedding flowers you choose, as well as the size of your bouquet, should suit the style and shape of your dress. For example, if your wedding dress is a romantic ball gown kind of style, then its perfect flower complement is a big bouquet of blowsy roses. A floaty bohemian wedding dress, on the other hand, would look even better with a wild and loose, hand-tied bouquet.

4. The Wedding Venue

Another factor to keep in mind as you choose wedding flowers is the style of your wedding, the colors, and décor at your wedding venue. Wildflowers would probably seem out of place for a formal ballroom wedding.

5. The Flower Scent

Some flowers have stronger fragrances than others do. Therefore, before you decide on your wedding florals, consider whether the aroma of the flowers is one that you and your guests can tolerate for an extended time. If you intend to hold your wedding indoors, then for the sake of those who may be sensitive to smells it is better to select flowers producing less fragrance, such as lilies, lilacs, gardenias, or freesias.

6. Your Wedding Theme and Colors

Sometimes picking a contrast of flower colors to your wedding theme will work. In most cases, selecting flowers that compliment your wedding theme colors is a safer option. ( As you shop around for a florist, carry along samples of your wedding color linens to make it easier for your florist to find flowers that will match your theme.


The flowers you choose for your big day beautifully represent your unique personality, cultural background, and preferences. Therefore, whether you settle for orchids, daffodils, sunflowers, nosegay bouquets, cascade bouquets, and so on, the most important thing is that the resulting effect should satisfy you.


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