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15 Creative Wedding Video Invitation Ideas in 2022

Certain events in life are highly significant, and it is safe to say that weddings are one of them. A culmination of love and trust that lasts a lifetime. Marriage is nothing short of a festival for the ones tying the knot and those who are a part of it. There are lavish weddings, quiet and formal small wedding ceremonies, or aesthetic destination weddings.

A wedding invitation is considered a see-through for the ceremonies. And rightly so, they can convey the kind of message you want to be putting out for all your loved ones about your special occasion. But the traditional envelope wedding cards have been redundant for too long now. But what are the alternatives? What about its cost? What about it reaching everyone? An answer to all of this and a genius idea – wedding video invitations. Want to check them out? We got you covered. Here are 15 trendy and creative wedding video invitation ideas for you:

One with the family

A wedding isn’t just an affair between two individuals, but also between their families. And what better way to include them than to make them a part of your wedding invitation! Introduce your family and your future in-laws to all your people in style, with a photo or mini-clip of them, and make your wedding invitation more intimate and close.

A Stop-Motion Singalong

Why not go for one of those cute invitations with animations of the text and other popup designs within the video. Pair them with a piece of bubbly background music, and you are ready to go. Be sure to make them on a great wedding invitation maker; those go a long way in making your video more special.

The monochrome effect

When in doubt, choose monochrome. It’s that simple, choose a color, pick an effect or shadow or such features and just go for it. A simple yet charming wedding invitation is lowkey all the rage, we assure you.

The way he did it

Proposals are always special. Sometimes you just want to let the whole world know when and how he or she popped the special question. We say, why not? Make a proposal video to let your loved ones know that you are ready to tie the knot. Do make sure to decide on a song that would match well with the entire video.

Flowers and Love

Floral backgrounds are a sure-shot winner. Imagine a short clip of you and your loved one walking about in a field of flowers. Perfection indeed! The only question is which kind of flowers. Sunflowers, pink orchids, etc., are some top picks. But hey, you can’t go wrong with any flower.

A common interest theme

What were some of those things you had in common that brought you closer? Hobbies or things you have a common interest in can make for a wonderful wedding invitation. So be it love for any common sport or one team that united you, show it on the video. Let them know what a simple common interest finally developed into!

A reschedule invitation

In times like these, where it is hard to predict anything, it might be a wise decision to postpone a wedding, giving precedence to the safety of your loved ones. For such instances, a video invitation with the rescheduled date for the ceremonies can be the best viable option. It is instant, less trouble, and will get the job done much easier.

A fairytale saga

Isn’t every love story a fairytale one or the other way? If yours is, then why settle for less. Go for animated characters that resemble you to whip up a short animated video story that will let the receivers get a glimpse of how love has been for you.

The high school sweethearts

Have you been inseparable since forever? This is easily the best way then, to showcase the progress of your relationship from the very start. An album that begins as pictures from your childhood days to the time you met and whatever entailed then. Make sure to add some cute videos of each other because, why not.

“Mark your calendars” theme

Some might not be into putting everything out on a wedding invitation. No clips, no edits, nothing. For the people who prefer to simply convey the message to the guests, a save the date theme would work the best. Simply add some soothing music and the details of the venue along with the date and time and you are done. A background picture might be suitable.

The season we chose

Every season has a colour and feel of its own. A unique idea could be to incorporate the vibe of the season you plan on getting married. Imagine a video of you and your fiancé, in the rain, with some music in the background letting your loved ones know that it’s finally happening. Goosebumps indeed!

Going green

The whole concept of sending a video invitation itself is as eco-friendly as it gets. If your theme for the whole marriage ceremony is going to revolve around that, then you might as well make maximum use of your invitation to let the guests know about it.

Night and passionate

What can be more appealing than a video invitation that radiates the power and passion of the dark colours? Go for a black and classy video that mentions the details and keeps it to a minimum, but at the same time gives off that vibe of elegance.

Traveling movie

A video invitation of a combination of collage of clips that lead up to the moment where one of the two lovebirds pops the question must be the cue for the guests to know what’s up. It can also make up for one very wonderful memoir for the years to come.

Simple, plain, and informal

For all those couples who want to be the first ones to let their loved ones know about the big news, and from them themselves. This is the perfect one for you. Simply make a cute little video of you and your fiancé urging the guests to come to the special day and shower their blessings. Sure to be the most favorite one too.

These are some of the top ideas we thought of, have more on your mind? Let us know!

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